FUN & Easy Math Games for Kids

Looking for fun, engaging and low-prep math games that your kids will LOVE? I’ve got you covered with this growing list of easy math games for kids!

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These games use simple materials that you likely already have on hand, such as a deck of cards, dice and some game pieces.

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Why Teach Math with Games?

When kids are given the opportunity to learn math through playing and exploring, not only will they have more fun, but they will be able to retain more of what they learn.

Math games can get kids who are normally disinterested in math a chance to engage and build their confidence. When kids are playing a game, they have opportunities to use critical thinking skills as they make decisions, see and use math vocabulary, plus practice important math skills.

In addition, teaching with math games can help kids form connections to different areas of math. When you provide games that are visual or hands on and incorporate several different math skills, kids have an opportunity to make those important connections in their brain.

Lastly, (but certainly not last!), math games are a way to show kids that math can be FUN. It’s a chance for kids to get competitive and play with numbers. When kids are having fun and playing a game, they often don’t even realize they are learning and cementing those important math skills in their brain!

How to Incorporate Easy Math Games in the Classroom

If you feel short on time and don’t know how to provide more opportunities to learn math through play, here are some ideas for you:

  • Set up a math center that includes a rotating selection of easy and low-prep math games. You could even set up a few file folders or work boxes with game materials prepped and organized so that kids can choose a game for themselves during center time.
  • Provide independent games for early finishers. This could be things like logic puzzles, matching puzzles or cut & paste activities that are available for students to grab when they have finished other work.
  • Encourage family math game nights. Send home a list of your favorite math board games and card games at the beginning of the school year and assign “game night” as homework on occasion. A set of playing cards is usually available at the dollar store as an easy Christmas gift for students and their families.
  • Have regular review game days. If you have ‘review days’ built into your calendar, you are more likely to stick to those times of intentional math skills review, whether this is before a big test or not. But making sure the review work is in the form of a game, you’re sure to engage more of your students!

How to Find “Just Right” Math Games for Your Students:

Although I probably don’t have a simple and fun math game for every single skill at every single grade level, I do have a huge variety of FREE GAMES for you to choose from!

Use the grid below to read more about each game. You can then find all the downloads available for free in my shop.

I hope you find some fun & easy math games for kids that you can use again and again in your home or classroom!

Easy Math Games for Kids:

100 Math Ideas for the 100th Day of School

2-3 Digit Multiplication Christmas Scavenger Hunt – 4th Grade

Close Call: Addicting 2-Digit Addition Card Game

{FREE} Baseball Addition: 3-Digit Addition Game

{FREE} 3-Digit Subtraction with Regrouping Game

3D Shapes Activity Pack! {FREE Download!}

4th of July Logic Puzzles for Kids {FREE}

Adding and Subtracting Large Numbers: FREE Game!

Make a Buck: Unique Adding Decimals Game

Hands On Adding Fractions Game for Kids

{FREE} Adding & Subtracting Decimals Game for Grades 4-6

Number Detectives: Addition and Subtraction Challenge Problems

Bitsbox: App Coding for Beginners

Apple Ten Frame Games for Kindergarten {FREE}

Hands On Area and Perimeter Game {FREE Printable}

The 20+ Best Math Card Games That Are Easy To Learn

Best Multiplication App for Kids to Increase Fluency

Brilliant Ways to Use a Hundreds Chart

“Build a Turkey” Number Sense Activity {FREE Printable}

Candy Corn Math: Hands On Activities {With FREE Printables}

30+ Amazing Candy Math Activities for Kids

Christmas Equations: Algebra Skills Activity {FREE}

Christmas Graphing Challenge: Graphing Linear Equations

Christmas Make Ten Sort {FREE}

Christmas Math Puzzles for Kids {FREE!}

Christmas Printable Fraction Board Game

Grow a Christmas Tree Farm! {FREE Math Game}

Coding Basics: What Kids Need to Start Coding

{FREE} Get Them in Order: Comparing Fractions Game

Convert Fractions to Decimals & Percents: FREE Puzzles

{FREE} Convert Fractions to Decimals Game: Grades 4-6

Cut and Paste Logic Puzzles for Preschoolers

Decimals on a Number Line Game that Kids LOVE!

Simple and Fun Division BINGO Game: Answers as Fractions

DIY Mancala Game Board! {Learning Math Through Play!}

Double Digit Multiplication Practice: FREE Board Games

Earth Day Color a Fraction Pack! {FREE}

Earth Day Math Games for Kids {FREE!}

Easter Math Games: Addition & Subtraction Within 20

Simple, Low Prep Equivalent Fractions Game! {FREE}

Visual Equivalent Fractions Game Printable {FREE}

Benefits of Esti-Mystery Challenges | FREE Esti-Mystery Recording Pages

FREE Esti-Mystery Challenges for Grades K-2 | Math Geek Mama

{FREE} Simple Fact Family Games for Kids

Football Themed Addition Game {FREE!}

Modeling Fractions & Equivalent Fractions: FREE Puzzles

FREE Apples Equivalent Fractions Matching Game!

FREE Elementary Math Worksheets and Games

{FREE} System of Equations Logic Puzzles!

FREE “Sir Cumference and All the King’s Tens” Activities!

{FREE} Sixteen Runaway Pumpkins Board Game!

Fun and Easy Three-in-a-Row Game!

Fun Fall Addition and Subtraction Puzzles {FREE}

Fun New Resource: Kidoku by Krazy Dad

Engaging Summer Math: Easy, Hands On & FUN Ideas

{FREE} Gingerbread Counting Game | Grades PreK-1st

Unique & FUN Halloween Math Game to Review Any Math Skill

Hands on Logic Puzzles for Kids!

The Beginner’s Guide to Hands-On Math

How to Raise Logical Thinkers and Why it Matters

Simple Ideas for Introducing & Exploring Functions in Middle School

{FREE} Integer Operations Game: Gingerbread Dash

Easter Peeps: Add & Subtract Integers Game {FREE}

Builder’s Paradise: Kindergarten Card Game

Fun and Engaging Kindergarten Math App {CCSS Aligned}

{FREE} Least Common Multiple Practice for Grades 4-6

LEGO Duplo Math Puzzles {FREE Printables}

30+ of the Best LEGO Math Activities for All Ages

“Make 100” Math Games for 100th Day of School

Mango Math Product Review {First Grade}

Increase Fluency with Simple Math Dice Games Your Kids Will LOVE

K-8 Math at Home: Resources for School Closures

Math Scavenger Hunts: Simple Math Practice for the Classroom {with FREE Hunts!}

Student Created Math Spinner Games for Any Grade Level

Math Twister! {A Fun Indoor Math Game!}

Measuring Angles Activity: Simple and Fun Puzzle Set {FREE}

{FREE} Mental Math Challenge for Kids: Exercise Your Brain!

Let’s Convert: Easy Metric Conversions Game

{FREE} Missing Factor BINGO Game: Fun Multiplication Challenge

Simple Multi Digit Multiplication Game {FREE}

Multiplication Card Game the Whole Family Will Love

Christmas Multiplication Facts Scavenger Hunt – Grades 3-4

Spiral: Easy Way to Practice Multiplication for Kids

{FREE} Multiplication Four in a Row Game to Learn Facts

{FREE} Multiply & Divide by Powers of Ten Game: Includes Exponents

Spin It! Multiplying Decimals Game for Kids {FREE}

Multiplying Mixed Numbers Activity {FREE Puzzles}

Number Sense Activities with Visual Dot Cards {Grades PreK-1}
Looking for some quick and easy practice with ordinal numbers? This simple BUMP game is perfect for partner practice or a math center for your kindergarteners or first graders.
{FREE} Ordinal Numbers Game for Kindergarten-First Grade

Pattern Block Puzzles {FREE}

Race to Pi: Simple and Fun Pi Day Card Game

{FREE} Pi Day Logic Puzzles | Grades 4+

Here’s a Quick and Fun Way to Practice Math Facts

FREE Simple Printable Division Games {1-2 Digit Divisors}

Printable Multiplication Games {FREE}

Puddle Jump: Simple Math Game to Get Kids Moving!

Pyramid: Fun and Easy Math Card Game!

{FREE} Rounding Practice for Kids | DIGITAL Self Checking Activity

I Know My Shapes: FREE Shape Games for Kids
This unique game challenges kids to think logically, as well as practice counting! After playing, challenge kids to make a sidewalk chalk jumping maze of their own!
Sidewalk Chalk Jumping Maze Math Challenge

“Sir Cumference and the Great Knight of Angleland” {FREE Printable Pack!}

20+ Unique Skip Counting Activities Kids Will Adore

Skip Counting Hopscotch

“Build a Snowman” Place Value Activity {FREE!}

Christmas Algebra Riddles: Solving Linear Equations {FREE}

50+ Spring Math Ideas for Grades K-8

St. Patrick’s Day Fractions: FREE Clip Cards

{FREE} St. Patrick’s Day Triangle Game | Grades 4-6

Subtracting Mixed Numbers Printable Board Game {FREE}

Summer Math Camp: All About Money!

Summer Math Camp Week 5: Time and Elapsed Time

Summer Math Practice for 3rd-4th Grade

Swim Meet Printable Rounding Game {FREE}

Taking Math Outside: Even and Odd Number Beanbag Toss

Taking Math Outside: Number Line Race

Taking Math Outside: Shape Scavenger Hunt

Brilliant Ways to Teach Math with Sticky Notes

Ten Apples Up On Top Math Game {FREE}

‘Ten Fish’: An Addictive Make Ten Math Game for Kids

{FREE} Ten Little Monkeys Jumping On the Bed: Math Game for All Ages!

{FREE} Thanksgiving Fractions | Printable + Digital Challenges

Fun Thanksgiving Math & Logic Puzzles {FREE}

The Great Debate: The Role of Calculators in Math Education

Top Math Resources of 2015!

Want a Unique Tangram Game to Challenge Your Kids?

3 Simple Ideas for Using Math Games In the Classroom

{FREE} Valentine’s Day Fraction and Decimal Conversions Game

{FREE!} What’s My Rule? Function Rules Game – Grades 8-9

Wrecking Ball Subtraction: Hands On Math