St. Patrick’s Day Fractions: FREE Clip Cards

Do your kids need a little extra practice or review with equivalent fractions? Then you will love this free set of St. Patrick’s Day Fractions clip cards! Easy, low-prep & self-checking!

One math skill that I have found requires lots of exposure, practice and review is simplifying fractions. This is so important to master as students get into upper elementary and middle school. If students are confident finding equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions, they will have an easier time working on more complex problems such as converting between fractions, decimals and percents. Plus, the more familiar and confident students are with equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions, they more they will be able to build fraction sense (rather than getting bogged down in computation). To help my kids and yours, I created a low-prep set of St. Patrick’s Day fractions clip cards that you can use now and whenever you need to review!

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Materials Needed for the Fraction Clip Cards:

  • Set of 12 St. Patrick’s Day clip cards (both full color & black & white versions are included in the download)
  • Clothes pins or paper clips (something like this)

St. Patrick’s Day Fractions: Getting Started

The goal of each clip card is to clip the fraction on the right hand side that is an equal, simplified version of the fraction shown in the center.

To begin, print all the clip cards out on card stock paper. There is a full color set included (shown in the pictures) as well as a mostly black and white version if you need to save on ink.

Then, I suggest lightly marking a dot behind the correct simplified equivalent fraction on the back. This will allow your students to self-check once they clip their answer.

Then laminate the pages and cut out the cards.

Then you’re ready to use them!

If this is a review for older students, you may just need to provide them with the clip cards and a stack of clothespins and let them get to work.

For younger kids who are still learning, you may want to provide a little extra support.

This might be as simple as a white board and marker so they can write out their thinking before clipping each card.

Or it might be a set of fraction tiles (like this one) so they can visualize equivalent fractions as they clip the cards.

Once students have clipped each card and checked their answer, un-clip each card and store in a zip lock bag for the next time!

Ready to get started? Just click the link below to grab this free set of clip cards in my shop!

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