Math+Technology: Graphing Calculator Explorations

A FREE email course, teaching you ways to better incorporate the use of graphing calculators into your math classroom.

Graphing Calculator Explorations:

A FREE Series of Lessons for Your Math Classroom

Want to incorporate technology into your classroom in a meaningful way? As in, using the calculator for more than just computations? Then this series is for you!

Throughout this email course, you will learn ways to use a calculator to explore patterns, make discoveries and engage students.

It includes FREE printable lessons that you can use with your students TODAY, to help them form deeper connections.

These lessons cover a variety of topics in the middle and high school classroom, giving you lots of ideas to use or adapt for your own students.

For example:

  • Patterns and Pre-Algebra
  • Graphing in Algebra
  • Data analysis
  • Probability
  • Geometry
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