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Bethany, author of Math Geek Mama.

What does it mean for kids to truly engage with math?

en’gage, verb, “to hold the attention of” or “to induce to participate”
en’gag’ing, adjective, “tending to draw favorable attention or interest”

In your classroom, is math a topic that draws kids in and piques their interest? Does it encourage participation and hold their attention because they are so excited to learn more?

If not, I’m here to help. On this site, you will find lots of different ways to reach and engage kids of all ages so that math time will induce excitement rather than tears.

Simple Strategies to get kids invested

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Provide Fun, Targeted Math Practice for Grades 3-6

Do you have kids who need extra practice or review? Are there kids with learning gaps who could use extra support? At Digital Math Games, you’ll have access to a growing library of 200+ ad-free, self-checking math games and activities.

Teaching Grades 5-8?

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Professional development for busy teachers

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Are you feeling stuck in your teaching? Do you wish you had new, proven strategies to get kids of all ages and abilities participating and making sense of math? Our bite-sized professional development courses were designed with busy teachers in mind.

Learn meaningful, no-fluff math instructional methods to help your kids grow and engage with math, with short videos you can complete in a weekend.

Resources To Save Time

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