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welcomeIf you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed teaching math, struggling to reach every learner while maintaining your sanity, you’ve come to the right place.


You want to teach number sense and conceptual understanding…

You want to reach and engage every student…

You want to get all the planning and grading done and still have a life…

You want to love your kids and love your job, but you’re exhausted doing it all.

You can provide rich and engaging math lessons without sacrificing your entire weekend. I’m here to help.

Here at Math Geek Mama you will find resources to learn:

  • How to teach math in a way that makes sense
  • How to make math fun and engaging
  • How to differentiate for the needs of every child
  • How to spark a love of learning, creative problem solving and logical thinking in kids
  • How to help kids understand the why of math, rather than simply memorizing formulas and rules

Plus, hundreds of math lessons and games that you can use today to make lesson planning easy.

“Oh, you really make math an awesome adventure. Thanks for your energy and enthusiasm. Together, we are a team that works! Thanks for helping to make this FUN!” ~Pat

“Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful activities! I simply can’t believe they are free! Just what a teacher needs. My kids really love the games and activities I have printed from your site. Thanks again!” ~Classroom teacher

Imagine feeling confident with every math lesson you teach.

Imagine engaging and exciting kids as you explore math together in a fun way.

Imagine still having time for your family and things you love, because you don’t have to spend all your free time researching, planning and creating lessons from scratch.

When you become a member of the Math Geek Mama community, you’ll be equipped with rich and engaging math teaching materials and strategies, and feel confident as your grow strong thinkers and problem solvers.


The Mom Behind the Blog:

Headshot_400x345_MathGeekMamaGrowing up, my experience and encounters with math included lots of rules and formulas to memorize and seemingly disconnected ideas. I was told, “Do it like this, because this is how you do it.” But no one ever told me why. I loved math, but I wanted to understand it more deeply. I wanted to know why you “do it like this.” As I began studying math education, all my previous notions about how to teach math were turned upside down. I began to learn new approaches and began to feel excited about math and all the wonderful ways I was going to engage students. I felt a renewed sense of passion, and was ready to enter the classroom, determined to show kids that math is fun, interesting and relevant.

All my zeal and excitement was not enough to sustain me, however, once the reality of teacher life set in. All I wanted to do was plan fun and meaningful math lessons. Instead, I spent an inordinate amount of time in “professional development,” on the phone with parents, grading papers and sitting in pointless meetings. I was exhausted and had no time left to plan or create the lessons I wanted to teach. I often resorted to pre-made worksheets to teach new topics, and was then told that discipline problems were because the lessons were boring.

Life as a teacher is hard. I know I can’t serve lunch duty for you, or grade your papers, but I can provide you with resources to teach in a way that makes sense and pushes your kids to think, making your lesson planning just a little bit easier.

Here are some great places to start as you look for math lessons, games and helpful strategies:

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Other Helpful Articles:

“I love your resources and your philosophy; math should be fun. We use math every day, all-around us. A day without math could not exist! Your site has already been shared with my staff here and my friends at other schools.” ~Andrea

“As you know every child understands maths differently. I moved to Australia 17 years ago, however I do not have schooling background under the Australian education system. This makes it harder when I am helping the kids at home. So seeing these fun tips on your site really helps me jazz up teaching maths to my kids and they love it because it is fun…and I love it too.” ~Jeya


I LOVE hearing from readers, parents and teachers from around the world!

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