Modeling Fractions & Equivalent Fractions: FREE Puzzles

Looking for some visual aids to help your kids see and understand fractions and equivalent fractions? This fun set of printable fraction puzzles can help show kids what fractions represent.

Using puzzles was such a fun way to help my daughter practice and recognize place value, I decided to create some more fun printable puzzles! These puzzles are meant to help students understand fractions, as well as practice learning equivalent fractions. The visual models on each set of puzzles will help kids to see fractions as part of a whole and to help show that two fractions are equivalent to each other. I hope this provides a fun review for your students and something you can use again and again!

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Modeling Fractions Using Visual:

In this download you will find a set of two-piece puzzles that include a fraction and a single visual model of that fraction. This is to help students understand that a fraction means “part of the whole.”

As you look at the pictures together and discuss, you might talk about the circle in even more concrete terms that kids will understand: slices of pizza, pieces of cookie, etc.

Once they understand what fractions represent, you can help them to see how some fractions are actually equivalent to each other, representing the same portion of the whole.

Visualizing Equivalent Fractions:

Why do kids need to find and recognize equivalent fractions? For one, it will help to deepen their overall fraction sense. But it’s also practical, because it is essential for simplifying fractions later on.

Learning how to rewrite the fraction 2/8 as 1/4 is an important skill, and I think it is equally important that students understand early on that they are NOT changing the fraction.

These two fractions (2/8 and 1/4) represent the same part of the whole. That is why for the equivalent fraction puzzles, a visual is given to link the two fractions together.

Fraction Puzzles Download:

You’ll find 24 puzzles included in this download.

If your students are just beginning fractions, there are 12 2-piece puzzles that require matching the fraction with the picture.

But if your students are beyond that, there are also 12 3-piece puzzles that require matching 2 equivalent fractions with the picture.

Prepping the Fraction Puzzles:

These puzzles will require a little prep work up front, but once you’ve got them cut and ready, you can store them to use over and over again.

First you’ll need to print the puzzles. Again, there are two sets in the download, so print what you need. I suggest printing on card stock paper, because it’s thicker and more durable. You may also want to laminate the pages after printing to really make sure they last.

Once they’re printed, cut out each puzzle, and each puzzle piece. This can be a bit tedious, so if you have parent volunteers or classroom helpers, it’s a great job for them!

Then you’re all set! I suggest storing them in a large, labeled zip lock bag. Then they don’t take up much space, but can be pulled out to use again whenever you need.

An alternate idea is to have students glue the completed puzzles to construction paper and hang them as fun posters to help them recognize equivalent fractions in the future!

I hope this is a fun and useful resource for you and your students! Download the free set using the link below to grab it in my shop.

If you are looking for more advanced practice with fractions (and decimals) check out this page of fraction & decimals worksheets.

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