Fun Multiplication Worksheets that Build Conceptual Understanding

Are you looking for ways to help your kids not only master the times tables, but really understand the why behind multiplication? The following multiplication worksheets are not just intended to help kids practice their facts, they will help them understand different representations of multiplication and have fun increasing fact fluency! Plus, they are simple and low prep for you, making it a win-win for everyone! Read on to find tons of fun multiplication worksheets and hands on learning ideas.

Don't just encourage kids to memorize the times tables. Help them to understand the concepts deeply and explore multiple representations of multiplication. These fun activities provide hands on and visual models for kids to understand multiplication.

Equal Groups Multiplication Worksheets:

This set of worksheets was designed to go along with the book, 2×2=Boo! which helps kids understand the facts from 0-5 as groups of equal parts.

Fun, hands-on multiplication ideas! Plus, FREE practice pages to help kids understand multiplication!

Combine math and reading as you explore multiplication and then let students draw equal groups to represent multiplication facts. Read about fun, hands on learning with the book here.

Or grab these FREE equal groups worksheets here.

Area Model Multiplication Worksheets:

This set of “color the product” worksheets will help kids understand and model multiplication facts as area.

Color the Multiplication2

You can use these along with hands on manipulatives (as in this post) or on their own.

Grab the FREE “color the product” pages here.

Modeling Multiplication with Arrays:

Organizing objects into an array is another great way to model multiplication with kids.

An array is a useful and powerful visual to teaching multiplication. In this post, learn tons of hands on ways to teach arrays to make multiplication fun!

I believe the best way to help kids see and understand arrays is with hands on objects. But there are also fun interactive worksheets you can use!

Read this post for hands on ideas as well as some fun printable pages to learn about arrays.

Understanding the Relationship Between Multiplication and Division:

Helping kids see and understand inverse relationships is so important for building a foundation for future learning (especially Algebra).

This simple activity helps kids see the inverse relationship between multiplication and division, practice writing equations and learn multiplication and division fact families! All in a fun and simple way!

This simple interactive worksheet will help kids learn and recognize multiplication and division fact families. This will help increase their number sense, as well as increase fact fluency as they practice the facts and form connections.

Grab the FREE multiplication and division roll and write activity here.

Increase ease and fluency in computation:

Once your kids have a solid foundation, they need to memorize those facts so that computations are not difficult and tedious!

This fun set of printable games is a super easy and low prep way to let students practice those facts.

This adorable set of printable multiplication games is so easy to use-just print and play! And I love that there are different versions to help kids focus on specific multiplication skills!

It includes 3 different multiplication board games so that you can focus on the facts that are causing the most trouble for your kids.

Grab the FREE multiplication board games here.

Practice and Review Multiplication Facts with Fact Fluency: Mastering Multiplication App on iTunes:

And if you are looking for more fun and hands on ways to introduce kids to multiplication, check out my Introduction to Multiplication lesson bundle!

This HUGE resource includes some of the activities above, as well as tons more to help kids understand multiplication deeply.

In addition to equal groups, area and arrays, kids will learn about repeated addition, the commutative property and multiplying by zero.

There are also “fact pages” to help kids visualize and learn the facts from 1-10.

Plus, even more printable games to practice, practice, practice!

>>Grab the Introduction to Multiplication lesson bundle here.

Have any other tips or ideas for teaching multiplication? Share in the comments!


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