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Welcome to the weekly round up of amazing and FREE math teaching resources! Every week I share all my favorite lessons, games, teaching tips, etc. for making math fun and engaging.

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Kindergarten-2nd Grade:


If you’re looking for word problem practice, grab this cute monster themed set! I love this set of problems because the helpful math tools are right there on the page. This allows kids to use a ten frame, number line, number bond and equation to solve and display the answer.

Or download this free set of apple addition and subtraction mats! Great for hands on practice for little ones.

3rd-5th Grade:

source: planetsmarty.com

Challenge kids with this set of apple-themed challenge problems from Planet Smarty Pants! (just click the graphic to download the problem page)

Teaching fractions and decimals can be such a challenge! Help kids learn with visual models and using a meaningful context to help the learning stick:

Teaching fractions and decimals with a meter stick (printable pack with answer key)

Project based learning: Teacher for a Day (fractions, decimals and percents)

6th Grade+:

source: mashupmath.com

When I taught high school, I got this question all.the.time. And it’s a valid question! Do you have a helpful and valid response when kids ask you? If not, grab this free ebook from MashUp Math. You have to enter your email to get it, but it’s a quick and easy read, full of useful nuggets. 🙂

And if you and your kids are excited about another football season, explore the math behind the extra point versus the two point conversion! This looks like such an engaging lesson from Yummy Math!

And that’s all for this week! I hope you found some great and useful resources and ideas! And be sure to check back next week for more math goodness!

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