Weekly Math Freebie Round Up!

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Welcome to my weekly round up of fun math teaching freebies! I hope you will find something useful, and if not, let me know!


source: contentedathome.com

One of the best and easiest resources for teaching math in the early years is a hundreds chart! This free download is available in 5 different colors!

source: lifeovercs.com

If you have some beads lying around, let your kids practice making patterns! This is such a great hands-on activity that would definitely keep my kids busy!


source: fernsmithsclassroomideas.com

If you need a resource for perimeter problem solving, download this freebie from Fern Smith! I love that these task cards require finding a missing side, given the perimeter.

source: schooltimesnippets.com

Want a fun way to practice multiplication facts? Try playing Multiplication Bingo! The game boards are free to download at School Time Snippets.


source: tapintoteenminds.com

This 3 Act math task is great for 8th graders working with 3D shapes and volume. I love this task because it incorporates several important math skills, and helps students use and apply volume rather than simply memorizing a formula.

math taboo cards
source: rootsoftheequation.wordpress.com

If you’re familiar with the game “Taboo,” you might like these Algebra taboo cards! A fun way to review important math vocabulary, plus if these don’t work, there’s an editable version.

I hope you find something helpful here, and check back next week for more freebies! 🙂

~Math Geek Mama

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