Weekly Math Freebie Round Up!

Weekly Freebie ImageWelcome friends! Every week I share all the best FREE math resources that I find, to help you better engage your students and practice important math skills! I hope you find something useful, and join us again next week! 🙂


Number Sense Freebie
source: educents.com

This freebie from Educents is a great way to get kids to think about numbers and make important connections! (Could even be used with older kids!)

source: educents.com

I love this fun and simple game from Primary Inspiration! What a great way to review a variety of 1st grade math concepts! This would be an easy way to keep up the practice over the summer!


Angles Freebie
source: classroomfreebies.com

If your kids need some practice figuring out angles, check out this fun game! Complete with QR codes! {And if you want more fun geometry activities for learning angles, check back next week! I’ll be sharing a whole free packet!}

source: letsplaymath.net

If your kids need some extra practice with multiplication, try this free set of multiplication cards! Multiple games can be played with this set, and I love that it reinforces a conceptual understanding of multiplication, rather than rote memorization.


Inequalities Video freebie
source: educents.com

There is a cute math video free at Educents right now, to help make teaching inequalities a little easier! Plus it has a fun summer theme! Get it before it’s gone!

source: tapintoteenminds.com

If you’re looking for a lesson to explore volume and proportional reasoning in Geometry, check out this 3 Act math lesson about the “Big Nickel” monument in Canada!

I hope this was helpful!

~Math Geek Mama

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