{FREE} St. Patrick’s Day Multiplication – Grade 3

Looking for some easy yet meaningful St. Patrick’s Day multiplication practice for 3rd or 4th grade? This set of visual multiplication practice pages includes 3 different representations of multiplication to help kids see it along with multiplication word problem practice.

The struggle that I hear about probably more than any other math skill is mastering multiplication facts. And while I do think it is helpful and important for kids to grow in confidence and multiplication fluency, I think it’s much more important that they have a solid conceptual understanding of what it is. This means thinking about multiplication as repeated addition, equal groups, skip counting, etc. rather than simply facts to memorize. If you’d like to help your kids better see and grasp their multiplication facts, grab this set of St. Patrick’s Day multiplication pages! This free download includes simple visual models to build understanding and fluency.

St. Patrick’s Day Multiplication: Number Lines

In this download, you will first find 2 pages of multiplication practice with number lines. This can help kids make the connection between multiplication and skip counting.

To use, they can circle the numbers as they skip count or they can draw arrows for each “jump” on the number line. Or both!

They will then see that they arrive at the final answer.

St. Patrick’s Day Multiplication: Hundred’s Chart

You will also find a fun St. Patrick’s Day hundred’s chart, which you might want to laminate so kids can refer back to it again and again.

Kids can use this in a similar manner to the number line, skip counting and looking for patterns as they multiply.

There are 2 pages of multiplication facts which you can print front and back, and then kids can keep these as a reference in the future as well.

Once they have completed both pages, you might have them look for patterns. For example, what do you notice about the x9 facts? What do you notice about the x10 facts? 

St. Patrick’s Day Multiplication: Equal Groups

Understanding multiplication as sets of equal groups is an important foundational building block when it comes to learning multiplication.

These visual models will help kids see the number of groups as well as how many are in each group. Then they can determine the product, which is the total number of objects in all the groups.

Multiplication Word Problems:

Lastly, there is a page of St. Patrick’s Day themed word problems involving multiplication.

Although you might think that this has to come last, after students have “mastered” multiplication, I would encourage you to start with problems in context.

You might need to discuss all together as a group, but this will help kids visualize a situation, draw pictures to represent it and then understand how they can use multiplication to model and solve it. If they are new to learning multiplication, they might use counting or addition, but that’s ok! It gives you an opportunity to then show how repeated addition relates to multiplication.

Included in the Download:

  • 2 pages of multiplication practice on a number line
  • A hundreds chart + 2 pages of fact practice using the hundreds chart
  • 2 pages of multiplication practice with equal groups
  • 1 page of St. Patrick’s Day multiplication word problems
  • 1 color by number St. Patrick’s Day multiplication page
  • Answer key for all worksheet pages

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