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Tons of great math teaching freebies, shared every week at MathGeekMama.com! Be sure to check it out for printable lessons and games, teaching ideas, cool videos and more!

Welcome to the weekly freebie round up here at Math Geek Mama! Every week I share my favorite math resources, worksheets and games to make your job a little easier. Best of all? They’re free!

Do you have a fun and free math resource to share with other educators? Send me a link so I can share it here! 🙂

Kindergarten-2nd Grade:

Fall Number Worksheets TPT3_thumb[2]
source: 123homeschool4me.com
How cute are these Fall counting pages from 123Homeschool4Me? I’ve already downloaded them for my kindergartner! I love the variety-there are TONS of pages in here!

Plus, help kids learn all kinds of time concepts with this fun and printable calendar book!

Also, I LOVE this post with a great twist on the hundreds chart. Includes a free 0-99 chart. (Side note: I teach numbers starting with 0-9 as well, as opposed to 1-10).

Find more ideas for the hundreds chart here.

3rd-5th Grade:

source: whatihavelearnedteaching.com

As I’ve shared before, helping learn how to talk about math and explain their thinking is a critical part of building number sense and deep, conceptual understandings. Grab these “math reflection starters” to help kids think through and express what they’ve learned!

And this problem solving assessment is perfect for the beginning of the year to help you see where your kids are. Then you can plan accordingly!

6th Grade+:

This post has some really cute and simple ways to help kids learn the distance and midpoint formulas. (The resources shared are not free, but I thought this was still a helpful post).

And this post includes a fun lesson for back to school: just how much do all those school supplies cost? Covers skills such as estimating, researching and calculating and could be used in upper elementary through high school.

And that’s all for this week! Be sure to check back next week for more math teaching goodness, or scroll through all the past round ups here.

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