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Welcome to the weekly round up of math teaching freebies here at Math Geek Mama! Every week I share a collection of the best, most engaging math resources from around the web for grades K-12.

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(Please note: Beginning November 14, I will be sharing a “12 Days of Christmas Printables” series here at Math Geek Mama, which will mean a break from the weekly round up. It will begin again on December 3, however, so feel free to continue submitting freebies).

Kindergarten-2nd Grade:

source: thisreadingmama.com

I LOVE this adorable Turkey math facts game from This Reading Mama! There are two different levels to work on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

(And if you want a more open ended “build a turkey” math challenge, try this)

I also love these free “magic square” addition puzzles. This is a fun and unique way to work on basic facts. I’m definitely going to grab these for my kids!

And if you’re looking for some handy math tools to help your kiddos solve problems, I love this helpful resource. Laminate to use over and over.

3rd-5th Grade:


Need some practice with rounding? This cute maze lets kids practice rounding to the nearest ten in order to get through the maze.

This adorable barnyard themed freebie uses Cuisinaire Rods to explore and play with fractions and equivalent fractions. It includes 2 different activities for hands on fun!

And if you’re interested in using Google Drive in your math lessons, you may like this free set of equivalent fractions practice. The slides are interactive, allowing students to manipulate fractions on a number line and using a model.

If you’d like a fun measurement activity, grab this free set of Thanksgiving matching cards. This is a great way to help kids recognize equivalent measurements.

Finally, if you’re looking for help for your kids solving multi-step word problems, grab a helpful freebie from Learning with Mrs. Kirk. It uses the same problem with 3 different questions to help kids read carefully and make sure they understand what the question is asking.

6th Grade+:


I love this fun combination of algebra, geometry and golf! Practice evaluating expressions with this cute printable game.

And if you have baseball fans, spend some time exploring the math related to the Cubs first World Series win since 1908!

Finally, have you ever thought to incorporate your students’ various intelligences into your math instruction? If you’re interested in learning more, start with this free survey to discover your students intelligences and provide insight into how you can better help them succeed.

And that’s all for now! Again, I will be taking a short break from the weekly round up to share an exciting “12 Days of Christmas” series, but the round up will start again December 3. 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!


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