Weekly Math Freebies Round Up!

A collection of free math teaching resources from around the web! Grades K-12. (8-1-15)

Welcome to the weekly collection of FREE math teaching resources here at Math Geek Mama! Every week I share the best freebies from around the web for grades K-12. If you have a free math teaching resource you would like to share, send me a link!

Kindergarten-2nd Grade:

source: thecurriculumcorner.com

The Curriculum Corner has a great collection of resources for 2D and 3D shapes! Be sure to pop over there and grab some of the fun activities!

owl coloring page
source: paulaspreschoolandkindergarten.blogspot.com

This owl-themed freebie is a fun way for kids to work on addition and subtraction! This pack includes some fun color by number pages for kids to practice important skills.

3rd-5th Grade: 

source: homeschoolcreations.net

I love these skip counting charts! It’s often hard to find skip counting resources (which pave the way for understanding multiplication) for larger numbers, but these cover numbers 2-15.

6th – 12th Grade:

This free lesson from Yummy Math is a great way to get kids thinking about important life decisions. Does it Pay to Get Educated? lets students explore the value in doing well in school and consider whether or not to pursue high education. This includes 2 different versions, depending on the needs of your students.

function sort
source: scaffoldedmath.blogspot.com

If you have algebra students, this is a great freebie to help them understand functions!

And here’s a fun online resource for kids of all ages: a math dictionary! Helping kids understand math vocabulary is essential, so you may find this to be a helpful resource!

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~Math Geek Mama


  1. Hi, thanks for posting all these cute and useful teaching resources! I would like to download Skip Counting and Pigs math but wonder if there is another way than downloading another application on my computer. I googled Zi Devil, and this is what came up:


    ZipDevil 0.1

    WARNING: ZipDevil is a virus. However, its only goal is to replicate and
    spread itself. It does no damage to data or files!

    Any suggestions on what to use to download the files?


    Linda Seligman

    1. Hi Linda,

      The downloads are pdf files, and you definitely should not download something sketchy to your computer. You should be able to open and download these pdfs if you have preview or adobe reader on your computer. I hope that helps!

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