Weekly Math Freebies Round Up!

A collection of free math teaching resources from around the web! Grades K-12. (8-1-15)

Welcome to the weekly round up of math teaching freebies! There are some great resources out there, and I love helping you find them! I hope you find something useful, no matter what age you teach! 🙂


money freebie
source: readingandwritingredhead.com

Here’s a cute money freebie that you can use for students’ interactive notebooks! Such a helpful reference tool!

Find Friend Math freebie cover
source: primaryinspiration.blogspot.com

This “Find a Friend” freebie is a great back to school activity to help kids practice working with inequality symbols!

Source: mrsjonescreationstation.com

And this printable race car game is great for kids to practice counting on, but could be used for a variety of fun games!


source: schooltimesnippets.com

I love this idea for practicing fractions from School Time Snippets! Such a fun and engaging activity!

source: artistryofeducation.blogspot.com

This set of story problems is a great way to help kids use division, as well as make sense of the remainder.


source: maneuveringthemiddle.com

I love this freebie from Maneuvering the Middle to help you teach and explore ratios! And if you like it, you may like her entire unit on ratios!

Here’s a great lesson from Yummy Math for working with integer operations and absolute value as it relates to extreme weather conditions! (Plus, here’s another lesson to help make absolute value clear!)

I hope you found some fun and useful math teaching materials! And if you have a fun and FREE math teaching resource to share, send me a link! I’d love to consider sharing it here or on social media!

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~Math Geek Mama

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