Online High School Math Curriculum Review

I am often asked my opinion about various math curricula, and I love to try out different options to help parents make informed decisions about their child’s education. One thing that can be especially difficult is finding the right option for upper level math, particularly if you don’t feel equipped to handle higher levels of mathematics. I recently had the opportunity to try out an online high school math curriculum called Mr. D Math. If you have a middle or high school student, you definitely want to check it out!

Looking for a high school math curriculum that will set your child up for success without stressing everyone out? Check out Mr. D math! This online math curriculum is thorough, providing the support kids need to succeed.

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A Little About Mr. D Math:

This online high school math curriculum was developed by Dennis DiNoia, a former high school math teacher.

Mr. DiNoia has created courses for Pre-Algebra through Pre-Calculus, and more recently has created intensive seminars to help prepare kids for the SAT and ACT.

There are multiple options including:

  • A completely independent online option (go at your own pace)
  • An online option with weekly live classes (also online)
  • Weekly in person classes (if you live in his part of Florida).

In addition, Mr. D has online office hours (extra help sessions) for any child who is completing one of his courses. So even if your child is completing a class independently and not going to the live online classes, they can still log in to the extra help sessions to ask Mr. D a question if they get stuck.

This makes Mr. D Math stand out from other online curricula, in my opinion!

What I like about Mr. D Math:

While I have not been able to watch every lesson in every course, I have explored the site quite a bit and watched several of the lessons. I also sat in on some of his live online classes, so I want to share my opinions of how everything works. 🙂

  • The courses are broken down into easy to manage pieces. Each class is broken down into chapters and sections and each section is short and focused. This is helpful so that students do not have to learn too many new concepts at once.
  • The curriculum is comprehensive. I’ve looked at the scope and sequence for these courses, and feel confident that your child will learn everything they need to learn. Mr. DiNoia has taught math for many years, so you do not need to worry that there will be gaps in the curriculum.
  • The videos are easy to understand with lots of examples. The lesson videos are not incredibly long (usually about 20-25 minutes), but they are clear. There is also coursework to complete along with the videos so that students can take notes.
  • There are quizzes and assigned work throughout, all completed online. This makes it easy for you as a parent to keep track and see how they’re doing!

What I like about the Live classes:

  • It is easy to access and participate in. Getting setup with the web meeting software was simple and I could easily observe the class time.
  • Mr. DiNoia is engaging and interactive. It was almost like sitting in a classroom with him. He would teach and explain concepts or work through examples, but constantly stop to check for understanding or answer students’ questions.
  • He explains the concepts well, but also shows how to use the calculator. While I definitely believe it is important for students to understand the “why” of the math, there are also lots of computations that students do not need to work out by hand. I feel like Mr. DiNoia provides a great balance.

Who would benefit from this online high school math curriculum?

  • Parents who do not feel equipped to teach advanced math courses.
  • Students who struggle with math and need more one on one attention
  • Families living overseas who don’t have easy access to homeschool math materials

Overall, as a former teacher who has taught many of the same classes that Mr. DiNoia offers, I feel like this is an excellent option for homeschool families!

Would you like to try one of these math courses? Find all the details for each of the following courses by clicking the links below:

**See the complete course catalog here.

There are high school level math classes, SAT and ACT math prep classes as well as life skills classes for your teen.

And be sure to follow Mr. D Math on social media for math teaching tips as well as information about upcoming courses:

Looking for a high school math curriculum that will set your child up for success without stressing everyone out? Check out Mr. D math! This online math curriculum is thorough, providing the support kids need to succeed.

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What questions do you have? Are you interested in trying Mr. D math? Share your experiences to help others make an informed decision! 🙂

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