Christmas Algebra Riddles: Solving Linear Equations {FREE}

I’m excited to share the newest math freebie in my “12 Days of Christmas” printables series! If you’ve missed the rest, no worries! They’re not going anywhere and you can still get all 12 free math resources. Yay! But if you’re looking specifically for Algebra ideas, then you’re in the right place. Today I’m sharing some simple, low prep Algebra practice to work on solving linear equations. (And stay tuned for more Christmas themed Algebra practice tomorrow!)

These adorable Christmas riddles are a fun way to practice solving linear equations. Includes 1 and 2-step equations as well as an answer key!

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Yesterday I shared a fun and unique graphing challenge. It helps kids practice graphing linear equations, as well as deepening their understanding of linear equations as they write their own.

Obviously, along with graphing linear equations comes solving them. So I hope this set of linear equations review pages is useful as you seek to help kids make sense of Algebra!

Solving Linear Equations Activity Pages:

This freebie is super simple, but provides fun practice of this important skill.

It includes 2 pages of silly Christmas riddles that kids have to solve by solving the linear equations.

The first riddle page includes one-step equations and the second page includes two-step equations.

And of course, this download includes answer keys for your convenience. 🙂

Using the Christmas Algebra Riddles:

If your kids are just beginning to learn how to solve equations, you may consider putting them in small groups to work together to decipher the riddle.

They can each solve a couple of the problems, compare answers and make sure they’re understanding the process.

If this is already familiar, you can use this as a fun Christmas-themed review!

Perhaps if you give this to kids to work on independently, you can turn it into a competition: the first to solve the riddle (and correctly solve the linear equations) wins a prize (or bragging rights!).

Or if your kids really enjoy it (even though the jokes are corny), have them complete the worksheets in class, then design their own challenging riddle for homework.

They can then exchange riddles with a partner the next day and you will have even more Christmas themed math fun!

More Christmas Algebra Games:

Looking for a variety of Christmas riddles and games in one download? The Christmas Algebra Collection includes these riddle pages, along with a variety of other games covering linear equations, graphing, evaluating expressions and more.

Buy the Christmas Algebra Games for just $3 HERE!

So I hope however you use these Christmas Algebra riddles, your kids have fun, enjoy math and get in some good practice with solving equations.

These adorable Christmas riddles are a fun way to practice solving linear equations. Includes 1 and 2-step equations as well as an answer key!

{Click HERE to download the FREE Solving Equations Christmas Riddles!}

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