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Whether our kids want to admit it or not, decimals are a part of our everyday life. And it’s important that they feel confident doing basic computations with decimals. Even if they start to use a calculator, they still need to understand how to rightly apply operations with decimals to solve real world problems. If they don’t know whether to multiply or add, using a calculator isn’t going to help. So I hope this free set of multiplying decimals word problems provides a chance for some quick, low-prep practice.

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Multiplying Decimals Word Problems:

This set of word problems is actually a sample from my ‘Making Sense of Word Problems’ course. In that course, I explain the different types and structures for word problems.

When you consider multiplication and division problems, there are actually 9 different types or problem structures for a multiplication/division problem.

This set of 27 decimal word problems covers all the different structures, which kids can solve using multiplication and division.

Each page includes 3 problems, with space for kids to write out their thinking and solution. However, you could also cut the pages into strips to assign one problem at a time.

The download also includes an answer key, making it easy for you to print and use with your students.

Ways to Incorporate More Word Problem Practice:

There are a lot of different ways you can include word problem practice into your math routine, but here are some ideas to get you started. Or just provide some ideas you may not have thought of.

  • At the start of a new unit: Although most curricula or textbooks will save word problems for last, I actually think you should begin a unit by presenting a problem for kids to solve. This does not necessarily have to be a word problem, but with multiplication and division involving fractions and decimals, I think these skills are best learned in context. So even if you have not given students an example or method for solving, this will encourage them to think and apply what they know to come up with their own ideas and strategies.


  • As a daily challenge problem: Another idea is to have a ‘problem of the day’ word problem for kids, perhaps when they come into class. This is a great way to not only work on word problems, but also review skills, because this doesn’t necessarily need to be related to your lesson that day. This set of word problems can easily be cut into strips so kids can glue the problem into their notebook or math journal each day.


  • Math practice for a sub day: Not sure what to plan for your substitute while you’re out? Why not give kids a set of related word problems? Let them work independently or in small groups. Then when you return you can discuss the different problems, how to multiply and divide decimals or different strategies kids used.


  •  As homework: Lastly, assigning a small set of related word problems as homework provides practice for kids independently, but not an overwhelming amount.

But however you include word problems as you explore multiplying decimals or dividing decimals, I hope this set of 27 problems provides a quick and easy resource for you.

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