St. Patrick’s Day Addition Practice – Grades 1-2

Looking for some easy yet meaningful St. Patrick’s Day addition practice for your little ones? This set of addition to 20 practice pages includes meaningful visuals to help kids make sense of addition along with some addition puzzles to use in your St. Patrick’s Day math center.

One of the most essential math skills in the early years is addition. Helping kids build a solid foundation with early addition within 10 and 20 will set the stage for not only addition with larger numbers, but for subtraction as well. If you want to weave some meaningful math practice into your St. Patrick’s Day plans, this set is for you. In the download you will find a variety of low-prep addition to 20 practice pages but also hands on puzzles. Learn more about this free St. Patrick’s Day addition practice set below!

St. Patrick’s Day Addition Practice:

There are so many ways to explore, see and make sense of addition. And not every child with think about it in the same way! But to help kids build their own number sense, it is essential that they are given and shown lots of visuals so their brains can attach an abstract concept to a visual representation.

In this set of addition practice pages, you’ll find a page of practice with pictorial representations as kids add up the leprechaun’s coins.

This helps kids move from counting objects one by one to actually adding two sets of numbers together. This can also provide an opportunity to practice counting on or making ten.

In addition, there is a page with “shamrock number lines,” providing another visual and another way to think about addition. Again, kids can use the number line to practice counting on.

You will also find a “fact family” true or false page. This is a great challenge for kids to think about what makes a set of numbers a “fact family,” and also begin to lay the foundation for subtraction and part-part-whole thinking.

Lastly, there is an addition color by number page for print-and-go practice, as well as an addition facts matching page.

St. Patrick’s Day Addition Puzzles:

Lastly, in the download you will find a set of 10 addition matching puzzles.

Kids must find a pair of numbers that have the sum of each number from 11-20, along with a picture to match.

This will challenge kids to think of different ways to decompose each number, while looking for puzzle pieces that fit together appropriately.

These take a little bit of prep, but can then be a great early finisher challenge, math center or choice board option for St. Patrick’s Day or anytime in March.

How to Prep the Addition Puzzles:

To begin, print the 3 sheets of puzzles on card stock paper for durability. I also recommend you laminate the puzzles before cutting them out.

Then carefully cut out each puzzle, along with each individual piece along the thick black lines. There are 4 pieces to each puzzle.

Then mix all the pieces up and store in a large ziplock bag or small plastic box for students to grab and complete.

Included in the Addition Practice Download:

  • 5 low-prep addition practice pages for St. Patrick’s Day
  • Set of 10 printable puzzles – Compose the numbers 11-20
  • Answer key for all worksheet pages

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