Fall Multiplication Games | Low-prep and FREE

Looking for some cute and easy ways to weave in more multiplication practice this fall? This free printable set of fall multiplication games is a fun way to practice the tricky multiplication facts.

Sometimes when I see a set of clipart or graphics, I just know I need to create something with it. This adorable set of autumn clips and colors was one of those sets. And since I am constantly getting requests for ideas and low-prep ways to practice multiplication, I thought this would be the perfect focus. Kids can use these simple, one page practice games independently. They can focus on one particular set of multiplication facts, or practice word problems involving multiplication. Learn more about the free fall multiplication games below!

Fall Multiplication Games:

This printable pack includes a variety of activities, so whether your kids are just beginning to learn multiplication or are needing extra review, this is for you.

First, you will find skip counting mazes to practice the x2, x3 and x5 multiplication facts. This is a great way for kids to make the connection between skip counting and multiplication.

Find more engaging skip counting games in this huge resource collection.

Tricky Multiplication Facts:

Then you will find activities to focus specifically on the x7, x8 and x9 multiplication facts.

These sets of facts tend to be the trickiest for kids to master, so providing extra practice can be especially helpful.

To practice the x7 facts, there is a color by number page with a cute fall scene. To solve, kids answer each x7 multiplication problem within the scene, then color according to the code.

For the x8 facts, kids travel to the apple orchard to see multiplication in context. They consider 8 friends at the orchard and answer questions to determine how many apples they gathered each week. Can they answer the bonus question? How many apples did they buy altogether (at the end of the month)?

Providing real life context for math problems will help kids to visualize and make sense of what can sometimes be abstract concepts (such as the number sentence 6×8). Thinking instead of 8 friends each buying 6 apples gives them something real and concrete for those numbers to represent.

Encourage your kids to draw pictures of each friend and their apples if they get stuck. Then they can skip count or add multiples to find each solution. Then you can discuss the connection to multiplication.

To practice the x9 facts, there is a small set of clip cards. These are super handy because if you mark the answers on the back, kids can check their answers. They can then pull these out again anytime they need additional practice.

For more multiplication clip cards to add to your collection, grab this free set as well.

Focused Multiplication Practice:

Looking for more ways to teach, reinforce and review the multiplication facts? My app, Fact Fluency: Mastering Multiplication provides visuals, animated tutorials and fun games to help kids master one set of facts at a time.

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Multiplication Word Problem Practice

Lastly, a page of multiplication word problems is included. If you want to work on these together as a class, you might give each student a white board. Then share the problems at the front of the room and let kids draw pictures and write their thinking on their white board.

After everyone has finished, you can discuss different strategies used to solve.

If your kids are older and simply need additional independent practice, you can print this page and have them work on their own in class or as homework.

I hope this printable collection is helpful to you this fall! Click the link below to grab it from my shop!

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