Fall Addition Facts Practice! {FREE Printables!}

One of the earliest math concepts students learn is addition. This is an important concept for so many reasons! A strong foundation with addition and fact fluency will pave the way for students to understand subtraction, multiplication and more! And while there are many strategies for helping kids understand and learn addition facts, one that I have been spending a lot of time on with my daughter is number bonds. And although we have started to move on to subtraction, I still spend quite a bit of time reviewing addition facts with her, so I’ve created this fun set of Fall Addition Facts Practice pages and thought you might like them as well!

This set of number bond practice pages is perfect! A great way for kids to practice recognizing equivalent number bonds and increase their fact fluency!

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So what are number bonds?

Number bonds are visual models to show ways to decompose a number. In other words, they can be useful for finding all the addition facts for a given number. In other words, finding the fact family for that number.

Why are number bonds useful when learning addition?

Learning and understanding addition with number bonds can be helpful for many reasons. For one, it helps students understand the addition model of part-part-whole, helping them make sense of what addition accomplishes.

Second, it will help students increase their math fact fluency because the more they work with a number bond to find the different addition facts of a particular number, the more they will remember and recognize them later.

Rather than drilling students with flash cards or random lists of addition problems, help them memorize facts logically by working systematically through the addition facts.

Third, knowing the facts for a given number will ease the transition to working on subtraction. Subtraction is the inverse operation of addition, so when students already understand the different ways to make eight, seeing the problem 8-3 = ___ will not be overwhelming to them because they know that 5+3=8.

Teaching and Exploring Addition Facts:

With my daughter (first grade) we have spent quite a bit of time working with number bonds in different ways. I try to make things hands-on and fun as much as possible, so one of the first ways I introduced number bonds was with apple slices.

We also love to play games, and this simple card game is a really fun way to practice making ten.

It’s also helpful to use base ten blocks to build a number and then see how many different ways you can break it into two parts.

Because I believe this is such an important foundation, it is something we will be reviewing frequently, even though we have moved on to subtraction.

This set of number bond practice pages is perfect! A great way for kids to practice recognizing equivalent number bonds and increase their fact fluency!

So to help her continue to see the patterns in number bonds and recognize equivalent facts, I created this cute set of Fall Addition Facts Practice pages!

This set of number bond practice pages is perfect! A great way for kids to practice recognizing equivalent number bonds and increase their fact fluency!

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The object of these worksheets is to find the Fall pictures that have the correct addition facts for the given number and color them.

If your students still need a concrete, hands-on approach to help them solve these, have them build the number in the box with base ten blocks or unifix cubes, and then see if they can break them into the two parts for each picture.

I hope you find these useful and fun for your kiddos! My daughter loves anything she can draw or color, so it was a hit at our house, haha! 🙂

What are some ways that you like to explore number bonds with kids? Do you have any other hands-on ideas or fun visual approaches?

Looking for more number bond practice? Grab this free set of Apple-themed number bond pages!

Cute, FREE printable pages to help kids work on number bonds! Use apple slices for a fun hands-on approach!

Have FUN!


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  2. Ok I don’t mean to sound creepy but I’m totally falling in love with your site! 🙂 I’ve always been fascinated by the process of learning and finding the most effective teaching methods. We are a little behind on math for my 1st grader because we were so focused on reading. Now I feel like we need to stop her regular math curriculum and really hunker down and focus on her number bonds. I can’t wait to take her through all of your printables I’m seriously grateful for them. Thank you so much! 🙂

    1. Haha! Christy, that made me laugh out loud. I’m so grateful for your kind words, and I understand how you feel! We’ve had to take math pretty slow with my first grader as well because we focused so much on reading last year. But that’s totally ok! I’m thankful that we can go at a pace that is comfortable for her. 🙂 If you ever have any specific questions, or are looking for a specific resource, shoot me an email! 😉

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