{FREE} Pi Day Logic Puzzles | Grades 4+

Challenge kids in grades 4+ this March 14 with this fun and FREE set of Pi Day logic puzzles! Includes a grid puzzle and two sudoku puzzles.

Are you excited to make math fun this Pi Day? I love finding new ways to celebrate and explore various math concepts each Pi Day: March 14. This is a great opportunity to introduce the number pi-how it’s derived and how it relates to measurement-and circles. It’s also a fun day to learn about Albert Einstein, because it’s his birthday! Today, I want to share a fun collection of Pi Day logic puzzles that will help kids develop critical thinking skills and provide a fun (and different) challenge for your Pi Day celebrations.

Pi Day Logic Puzzles for Kids:

So what kind of logic puzzles are included in this download? First, you’ll find a grid puzzle with a Pi Day theme.

To complete this, kids use the clues to mark off or put checks in the grid to determine how many digits of Pi each child memorized, what their favorite type of pie is and what they want to be when they grow up.

They need to read carefully to work out all the specifics of this puzzle!

Next, there are two sudoku puzzles with a Pi Day theme.

If you’re not familiar with these logic puzzles, they are made up of 9 3×3 boxes.

To correctly complete the puzzle, each 3×3 box, each row and each column must contain the digits 1-9, with no repeats.

All of these puzzles are sure to provide a fun challenge for your kids as you celebrate Pi day this year!

Plus, the set includes answer keys, saving you time!

Pi Day Activities for Younger Kids:

Do you teach younger kids who would like to get in on the PI Day celebrations? I’ve got you covered!

Try one of the following activities to enjoy Pi Day Math FUN:

And if you’re looking for more ideas, from Pi Day Art to Pi Day Songs and MORE, check out my complete Pi Day Resource Page HERE.

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And if you love this set of logic puzzles, you may enjoy my entire set of themed puzzles for the whole year! This Pi Day logic puzzle set is just one of the fun themes in this collection.

A Year of Logic Puzzles includes 3 puzzles just like this for each month of the year. Themes include things like “New Year’s,” “Valentine’s Day,” “Earth Day,” “Fall,” “Camping,” and MORE!


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