Pi Day: Huge List of Pi Day Activities for All Ages

Looking for all the amazing Pi Day activities all in one place? Look no more! This huge, growing page, includes Pi Day activities for all ages, as well as challenging math explorations for older kids. Find just what you need this Pi Day in the list below!

In celebration of Pi Day (March 14), I have put together several Pi Day Activities to make the celebration even more fun! The first is a sing along with silly Pi Day songs that can be used with any age. These are set to familiar tunes.

Pi day singalong image

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Another great activity that you can do with all ages is this simple Pi Day art project. You can do this outside with sidewalk chalk, on black paper with chalk, or simply on paper with colored pencils.

Looking for a fun, yet super simple way to engage your kids this Pi Day? This Pi Day art project is just as fun with paper and colored pencils as it is with sidewalk chalk! Learn more and get a free printable recording page in the full post!

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Next is a hands on investigation to discover the meaning of the number Pi and the formula for circumference! This is intended for grades 6-10, but could be adapted for use in the elementary setting with appropriate teacher or parent help.

pi day investigation image

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And of course we can’t forget everyone’s favorite Pi Day read aloud! I have a fun set of extension lessons to go along with the book, Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi. Explore circles and circumference.

Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi

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Finally, if you would like to spread the Pi Day Cheer, print out these adorable Pi-lentines: friendship cards to pass out on Pi Day!

Looking for a fun and simple Pi Day Activity for kids of all ages? Celebrate an excitement for math with this Pi Day Craft for kids! It's super simple, and kids can then share the number pi and discuss math concepts with their friends. While eating pie, of course. ;)

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Have older kids who could sharpen their logical and critical thinking skills? Try this fun set of Pi Day Logic Puzzles! This FREE download includes 3 puzzles: 1 grid puzzle and 2 sudoku puzzles.

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Looking for a digital math activity for Pi Day? This fun Pi Day Pie Contest will challenge kids to make sense of decimal operations as they solve word problems on Google Slides. Includes 6 real world math problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication & division with decimals.

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And check out the huge list of Pi Day activities below!

 Have an activity to add to the list? Let me know if you have any favorite lessons, games or activities to share with other math geeks!

The BEST Pi Day Activities for Kids:

Race to Pi: A simple Pi Day card game for kids of all ages

Pi-Day Webquest: This webquest may be better suited for older students who are able to work through the activities relatively independently.

Bake Pi Day Cookies (these look SO good!)

Fun Pi-Day Activities

Learning about circles with bubble art

Pi Day Apple Pie

Homemade Apple Pie Measuring

Coloring a Number Pi Skyline

Easy as Pi Art Ideas

Measuring mini pies

Math ideas for Pi Day and Everyday

Make a Pi-Day Necklace

Easy Ways to Celebrate with Preschoolers

Simple Pi Day Grid Art

Pi coloring page

Build the Number Pi with Cuisinaire Rods

Long list of fun ideas: Some of these are simple, some require a little prep, but all look fun!

Fun Pi-Day Songs!

Numbers of Pi played on the piano! (This is one of my favorites!!)

A BBC article all about Pi 

Pi Approximation Contest: Host a contest of your own and see who can come up with the closest approximation or see who can use the most digits in their approximation!

A History of Pi

Simple Ideas for Pi Day Fun

Pi is Beautiful (VIDEO)

Math Bites: The Pi Episode (VIDEO)

The Pi Song on YouTube

Pi Day Greeting Cards: Send a fun, FREE Pi day e-card to all your fellow math lovers!

Fun Pi Poems

Fun Pi-Day Workout to get you moving after all that pi(e)!! 😉

Pi Fight (online math game)

Pi Day Jokes for kids

10 Stunning Images that Show the Beauty of Pi

Low Prep Pi Day Ideas

Inquiry Based Pi Day Lessons from Yummy Math for grades 5-8

9 Simple Ideas to Celebrate Pi Day with Middle Schoolers

 Hope you find some fun and exciting ways to celebrate Pi Day!! 

This page has such a great list of fun and free pi day activities, ideas, art projects, games videos and more! There's something to make pi day fun for all ages!