Math Resources

Helpful Resources for Teachers:

**Looking for resources especially for Pi Day? Check out this page!**

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics:

NCTM has countless resources available to math teachers at all grade levels.  Yes, there are some things on their site that require membership to use, but MANY of the lessons, articles and interactive games are free! There’s a lot there, so take some time to look around, and if you’re looking for a lesson on a particular topic, be sure to browse the Illuminations page!

Homeschool Math:

This site offers a wealth of helpful math resources, even if you are not a homeschooling parent.  There is also a great comprehensive list of other useful websites and online games.

Kuta Software:

If you are looking for practice worksheets for upper level math, Kuta Software is a great place to start! There are worksheets for all topics in Pre-algebra through Calculus, and answer keys are included.

Illustrative Mathematics:

This site offers help for the teacher needing Common Core lessons and help.  Teachers can find videos and tasks for students aligned to the CCSS, as well as explore various professional development tabs to help use and understand the Common Core.


This site also offers video lessons aligned to the CCSS and is very easy to navigate.  Simply choose your topic and find lessons on a given standard.

Understanding the Common Core at

With the new Common Core standards, it’s important that teachers have a clear understanding (or at least as clear as possible) of what the standards actually are, to ensure that they are being met in the classroom. Understanding the sometimes confusing language can be a challenge, however, so hop  on over to to get a “real world” interpretation so that you are better equipped to teach them to students!


BrainPop offers fun, mini instructional videos on all kinds of topics.  A subscription is required to use all of them, but there are some that are free.  I have found these to be great for introducing new topics, especially in the middle school setting. In addition, they now offer lesson plans related to the various topics in their movies, so even if the movie is not available to view, you can still choose a topic, then click the “Lesson Ideas” button to view related lesson ideas for that topic.

Helpful Resources for Parents and Students:

Students, having trouble with a particular topic in math class? Here are a few websites that offer answers, examples, videos and practice for all kinds of math questions. Parents, want to better understand what your child is learning in class so that you can offer better help to them at home? These sites may be just what you need!

Noodle Education:

This site is helpful for finding answers to questions about schools, common core, college, etc. as well as a good place to search for a tutor if you think your child would benefit from that. See some of the features that I like about this site here.

Ask Dr. Math:

This service at The Math Forum has answers to thousands of math questions from all grade levels and topics and is easy and free to use.  Plus, if you don’t find the answer you are looking for, you can submit a question of your own!

Khan Academy:

This highly acclaimed site offers videos and interactives on all kinds of math topics to help provide additional explanations and opportunities to practice those skills at your own pace.

Algebra BootCamp:

This is like an online textbook. This could be helpful if you find your own textbook confusing and would like a different explanation, or if you need more practice problems (there are links to the solutions).

Ask a Nerd at

This site is helpful if your child has a question on a particular math problem or topic. You can “ask a nerd” for free, or you can pay for some online tutoring if more time and help is needed.

Math Planet:

Another great resource if you are looking for a different explanation, examples or teaching videos for high school math topics.  There is also SAT and ACT help on this site.

S.O.S. Math:

Yet another site offering explanations and examples, covering topics from most high school subjects.  There are also practice problems on each page, and the answer is given.

Math is Fun:

This site offers simple help for kids through videos and games. I especially like this online math dictionary.


This site from the Art of Problem Solving is a great resource if you need extra practice and is completely free! Check out my full review here.

Veritas Prep:

This page offers another huge list of resources to help students prepare for ACT/SAT testing.

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