Taking Math Outside: Shape Scavenger Hunt

Shape Scavenger Hunt

So we are wrapping up the school year here at our house, and since motivation is at an all time low (can any of you relate!?), we’ve been using this time to review some of the math topics from the year by taking it outside for some hands-on math FUN!

First up: shape review! We spent a couple of minutes reviewing various shapes and talking about why we learn about shapes and how we use them in real life. Then, I explained how our scavenger hunt would work! All they had to do was find each shape somewhere outside and draw a picture on their recording sheet.

Shape Hunt4

Honestly, I think the excitement of getting to go outside to do school was enough to make it fun for them, but they really got into it! And, more importantly, we had some good discussions about where we see different shapes, such as architecture, nature, and even our swing set! 🙂

Shape Hunt2

Most surprisingly of all, my four year old, who doesn’t officially participate in school with us just yet, was the one who spent the most time completing it! She worked her way through it with such meticulous care, and was so concerned to get it right and draw her shapes correctly! I was so proud of her!

Shape Hunt

If you’d like to try this activity, you can download the recording sheet we used for free! To make it more challenging, you could add some additional shapes (such as trapezoid or star), or if you have more than one child, they could race to see who can find them all first!

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To wrap up our review of shapes in the world around us, we read Go, Shapes, Go! (a fun little book we stumbled upon at the library!) and also played with shapes using these Read, Build and Write mats from This Reading Mama!

How are you making math fun and engaging this week? Feel free to share in the comments! 🙂

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