Summer Math Practice for 3rd-4th Grade

Review a variety of math skills using these low-prep and fun summer math practice for 3rd-4th grade. Each print and play self-checking maze covers a different skill, for targeted review.

Want an easy way to send some review home during the summer break? Or perhaps you are teaching summer school and need a fun activity for your kids to work on. Or maybe you are just looking for something for those last days of school when attention spans are at an all time low. No matter the reason, these self-checking summer math mazes are a fun way to review a variety of skills with your 3rd or 4th grade students.

Summer Math Practice for 3rd-4th Grade: Low-Prep Mazes

This download includes 4 different maze challenges, to work on a variety of math skills.

To complete each page, students begin by solving the given math problems. Each page includes 10 practice problems, focusing on addition and subtraction or multiplication and division.

Once they solve a problem, they look for their solution in the maze below and color that square in. If they don’t see their solution, they should go back and check their work to make corrections.

For your 3rd graders, you’ll find two addition and subtraction practice worksheets. The first focuses on 2-digit numbers, in case you have struggling learners who need to review foundational strategies before moving on to larger numbers. (You could also use this with 2nd graders to review addition and subtraction of 2-digit numbers).

If your students are ready, there is also an addition and subtraction maze with 3-digit numbers.

Next you will find a maze to practice single digit multiplication and division facts. This practice maze focuses on multiplication and division within 100 (or up to 10×10). This is a great way to review these essential facts and help kids see the relationship between multiplication and division.

This is also a simple way for your 4th graders to review multiplication facts if they are still struggling.

Lastly, for your 4th graders, you’ll find a multiplication maze to practice 2-digit by 1-digit multiplication. This maze focuses only on multiplication and does not include division problems.

Once your students are familiar with the format of these self-checking mazes, it becomes an easy way to assign extra practice and review.

Also included in the download is an answer key for each maze, allowing you to quickly glance at their papers to ensure they solved each problem correctly.

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