{FREE} Addition and Subtraction Puzzles for Google Slides

Need a fun way to engage your kids and provide rigorous review of addition & subtraction? Your kids will love the challenge of these digital addition and subtraction puzzles for Google Slides.

Once kids have learned how to add and subtract with large numbers and understand the concept of regrouping, they still need extra practice and review. This is just one of those fundamental math skills that kids need to practice and understand deeply so they can move on to more challenging concepts. But that doesn’t mean we have to assign tedious or boring worksheets! Engage your kids with missing number puzzles that will help strengthen their understanding of regrouping and also provide necessary skills practice.

Missing Number Addition and Subtraction Puzzles for Google Slides:

These puzzles take addition & subtraction practice to a higher level. Rather than simply giving kids two numbers to add or subtract, they are given an equation with various digits missing.

For instance, sometimes digits from the addends are missing and sometimes digits from the total sum are missing.

This requires kids to actually think about what addition & subtraction means and how certain digits could be made.

And because these are “puzzles” kids are more excited to try them and solve them. It’s not a math problem–it’s a challenging puzzle!

I do suggest, however, that because these require higher order thinking skills and may prove a bit challenging for some kids, you only assign one or two puzzles at a time.

Giving kids all 10 puzzles at once might feel overwhelming and cause them to give up before they even begin, which is not what we want!

This digital set of puzzles is designed for Google Slides so that you can use and assign them in Google Classroom.

This also allows kids to simply drag and drop numbers around to try and solve the puzzle, which is fun and interactive for kids.

(Note: If you would rather print these out, you can open the slides and then select file–>print. Your kids could then write the missing numbers in.)

What’s Included in the Missing Number Puzzles Sample:

This free download includes a set of 10 interactive puzzles for Google Slides.

This is part of my complete Missing Number Puzzles for Addition & Subtraction set, which includes 20 interactive puzzles for Google Slides and the same 20 puzzles in printer-friendly, half-page versions.

If you’d like the whole set of puzzles, learn more in my shop here!

The free sample also includes an answer key for the 10 puzzles, along with directions for accessing the slides and assigning the puzzles in Google Classroom.

I hope your kids have fun with this set of addition and subtraction puzzles!

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