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Welcome to the weekly round up of math teaching freebies from around the web! Each week I share my favorite free lessons, games, worksheets and more! Have a great math freebie you would like me to share? Send me a link so I can check it out!

Kindergarten-2nd Grade:

source: smilingandshininginsecondgrade.blogspot.com

If you’re looking for some last minute Christmas themed math, I’ve got you covered! (Or if not, save these great resources for next year!)

First, this post from Shining and Smiling in 2nd Grade has several fun freebies, including a roll and cover game. I just love print and play games!

And if you’re looking for some super fun ideas for having a “Grinch Day,” check out this post from Lucky Little Learners! Lots of cute ideas, and a great freebie for comparing coin amounts. I love that this combines various math skills in one fun activity! (And even if you’re not having a grinch day, this is still a great math freebie!)

3rd-5th Grade:

source: lifeovercs.com

This post from Life Over C’s has some really fun resources for practicing fractions! Included are 2 Roll and Cover games, as well as 2 of these cute flip books!

I also love this fun race car game to practice addition, subtraction or multiplication!

6th-12th Grade:

I have just discovered a fun YouTube channel that makes really great math teaching videos called MashUp Math. These videos would be a great way to learn or reinforce difficult concepts.

You can grab a fun area worksheet here to teach kids about the area of a circle using pizza!

And I love this lesson from Yummy Math exploring some top holiday movies! Some of these are my favorites and I think it would be so interesting to see which did the best when they hit the theater!

And finally, Discovery Education has a free lesson plan page for all grades and subjects. Select the grade you want, as well as math to narrow the search and you can browse a handful of free math lessons.

I hope you find some useful resources and maybe some new things to explore and check out over the holiday break! Looking for more great freebies? Check out all the past round ups!

And if you want access to my page of free math teaching resources for subscribers, simply sign up for my email newsletter! I add new resources all the time that I don’t share anywhere else!

Happy Teaching!

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