Counting Money Puzzles {FREE!}

Want to make sure your kids can count and add money? Grab this free set of counting money puzzles for a quick review, math center or early finisher game.

One of the most important real life math skills kids learn is how to count and handle money. That’s why I was so excited to share this fun resource! These counting money puzzles help kids work on adding money, recognizing the correct format for denoting money, as well as writing out numbers in words. Help your kids count coins and dollar bills with this printable set.

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Counting Money Puzzles:

I have found that matching puzzle pieces is much more fun and engaging than a worksheet.

The puzzles I’m sharing today allow students to count and add coins as well as dollar bills and match them to the written words, as well as the correct money form.

Using these puzzles will give students practice with important and immensely practical math skills (counting money) as well as recognition of number words.

Included in the Download:

This set includes 18 different printable puzzles. Each puzzle includes 3 pieces, to match the picture of money to money words and the dollar amount.

In the download there are 12 puzzles that show only coins, and 6 puzzles that also include dollar bills.

Prepping the Puzzles:

These puzzles will require a little prep work up front, but once you’ve got them cut and ready, you can store them to use over and over again.

First you’ll need to print the puzzles. Again, there are two sets in the download, so print what you need. I suggest printing on card stock paper, because it’s thicker and more durable. You may also want to laminate the pages after printing to really make sure they last.

Once they’re printed, cut out each puzzle, and each puzzle piece. This can be a bit tedious, so if you have parent volunteers or classroom helpers, it’s a great job for them!

Then you’re all set! I suggest storing them in a large, labeled zip lock bag. Then they don’t take up much space, but can be pulled out to use again whenever you need.

I hope you and your students enjoy practicing counting money with these puzzles. Grab them for free in my shop using the link below!

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  1. Thank you for sharing fraction pieces that not only shows an illustrated fraction, number, but equivalent fractions as well. These will make a great take it to your seat center for additional practice after a lesson.

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