Summer Counting Worksheets: Cut & Paste Pages

Want some low-prep counting practice for your little one? Grab this free set summer counting worksheets to count to 10, count to 20 and build an understanding of place value–perfect for summer math review.

Practicing and reviewing math skills might not sound like a fun way to spend lazy summer days, but about halfway through summer, when you begin to hear, “I’m booooored…” this is an easy activity to have on hand. Plus, between coloring the pictures and cutting out the answers, your kids will get in some good fine motor practice along with a quick math review! Depending on the age of your kids, you can work on counting to 10 or counting to 20. Or challenge your little ones to do both! Learn more about these summer counting cut and paste pages below.

Counting Skills:

One of the earliest math skills your kids will learn is how to count. Just because your kids can recite the numbers 1-10 does not mean that they understand counting, cardinality and one-to-one relationships, though.

Here’s a quick summary of these skills:

One-to-one correspondence: The means that each object in a set only gets counted once. In other words, each object represents a single number in the counting sequence.

Cardinality: This refers to the number of objects in a set. We count individual objects in order to determine the cadinality. In other words, we count to answer the question, “how many?”

Only counting each object once and then understanding that the final number represents the number of objects is the heart of this activity and the reason for learning counting.

It may seem obvious and intuitive to us as adults, but these are brand new skills for preschoolers. So not only do we want them to know how to count numbers in the correct order, we want to help them apply those counting skills to sets of objects to determine how many are in the set.

Once they master that, we can move on to larger numbers, which requires an understanding of place value. This leads into the second set of counting pages included in this download.

Place value says that the position of each digit in a number represents the value of that digit. Because of place value, the numbers 18 and 81 are different numbers.

I hope you can use these summer counting practice pages as a fun introduction, review of quiet time activity for your kids over the summer!

Summer Counting Cut and Paste Pages:

This download includes 4 different cut and paste pages. The first two include counting pictures up to 10. This is ideal for kids in preschool who are preparing for kindergarten, or even those who have finished kindergarten and could use a review.

Encourage your little ones to color the pictures as they count, then look for the matching number at the bottom of the paper. This will help them to learn that we use counting to answer the question, “How many?” and also help them to recognize their numbers.

Counting Teen Numbers:

The second two cut and paste pages include counting sets up to 20. Each picture is designed to show them a set of 10 plus another set. This is to reinforce the idea of place value and that each teen number is equal to 10 and then some.

I would encourage you not to mention this to your kids, however. Let them begin to count and match each set in their own way. Eventually, they will likely notice the pattern of “10 and then some,” but if they don’t, that’s ok.

Once they complete the worksheet, ask if they notice any patterns. If they still don’t notice, take some time to read each number as “10 and…” and see if they notice anything about the pictures.

Then you can talk about place value and how we can talk about “groups of 10” in the tens place.

Find more ideas for exploring place value in this post.

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