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Normally over the summer, I’m really good about keeping my children involved in some type of learning activities. We may play math games, do computer work, or print off a few activities. This summer though, we were moving and many activities fell through the cracks.

Well, we finally go moved, set a schoolroom, and life is back to normal…well as normal as life can be with four kids. But the beginning of this school year has been a little more difficult.

The summer slide definitely hit my sweet kiddos, and we are having to review some of the math concepts we worked so hard on last year!

One of the areas that is going to require a lot of review is our multiplication facts! Those little facts have completely alluded their memory, and we are on a mission to get them back.

And of course, my favorite way to review is with a math game…So here is an easy multiplication four in a row game!

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This is a guest post from Rachel of You’ve Got This Math.

Multiplication Four in a Row Prep-Work:

There is just a small amount of prep-work to get this game ready to play.

  • First, print the game boards and print two copies of the large numbers with frogs on them. You may want to laminate the game boards for durability.
  • Next, cut out the numbers and place in the large learning cubes based on the gameboard you are using:
    • For the yellow board game, you will need the numbers 1 through 6 in both cubes.
    • If you are using the game board with the red border, die one will need the numbers three through eight, while the other cube needs the numbers four through nine.
    • The blue border game board needs the numbers seven through twelve in both dice.
  • Finally, gather up some game markers that are two different colors, and you are ready to go (or, place the game board in a dry erase sleeve and use dry erase markers to mark answers off).

How to Play The Multiplication Facts Four in a Row Game

Here we go! Let’s play this simple game.

To begin, player one rolls both of the large learning cubes. Next, they take the two numbers they rolled and multiply them together. Now, they find that number on the game board and cover-up the solution.

Note: Each answer can be found numerous times on the board, so they have to decide which number to cover up. They may want to choose one that will help them get four in a row. OR they may choose the one that will block their opponent from getting four in a row.

Then player two rolls both dice and multiplies them together. This player finds the product on the board and covers it up with a different color game marker.

The game ends, when one player gets four in a row, or all the numbers are covered up!

Learning Multiplication Facts:

If you are finding that your child or children are struggling with even coming up with an answer, there are a few things you can do to help.

  1. Try teaching them to skip count. Silly songs or activities can help them quickly memorize a list of numbers, and give them a place to go if they can not come up with a certain multiplication fact. My two oldest learned to skip count first, and then learned their multiplication facts. During this math game, my goal is to get them to be able to blurt out the fact quickly. But sometimes a song would burst from their lips and fingers would fly up with each number recited. Though it took longer than I want it to, the right answer almost always is given.
  2. Pull out the manipulatives. Especially for the first game board, if a child can not come up with the correct answer, let them draw or use manipulatives to figure them out. 4 x 6 can easily be drawn with four circles and six dots in each circle. The total number of dots is the product. Once the product is found, help the child practice the facts by saying 4 x 6 = 24 a couple of times.
  3. Here is another list of multiplication facts resources, including printable games and worksheets to make practice fun for kids.
  4. Grab my multiplication app on the iTunes app store to give them focused, meaningful practice with each set of facts.

I hope you enjoy the game!

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