St. Patrick’s Day Make Ten Mats {FREE}

Want to provide some hands on practice with making ten and composing the number ten? This adorable set of St. Patrick’s Day Make Ten mats is low-prep & fun!

Incorporating ten frames into your math learning is an easy way to help kids develop number sense in our base ten system. Ten frames can help students “see” numbers to compose and decompose within 10, or easily visualize ways to make ten, an important foundational skill. If your kids can fluently make ten, they will have an easier time adding and subtracting larger numbers. By adding a few cereal pieces to these make ten mats, you’ll have everything you need to help your kids practice making ten in a fun, hands on way.

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Materials Needed:

Getting Started with the Make Ten Mats:

There are two versions of each mat, to help you meet the needs of your students.

The goal is for students to write equations to find ways to make ten.

There are make ten mats for the numbers 1-10.

The first version of each mat only has a missing addend for kids to find by filling in the make ten mat with cereal pieces and then writing in the missing addend.

On the second version, the entire equation is blank, so they have to write each addend to show how to make ten.

To prep them, simply print all the make ten mats on card stock paper. I used green card stock so that it was a fun St. Patrick’s Day activity, but that’s certainly not necessary.

Then laminate each mat so that your students can write on them, then erase when they’re finished.

Provide the work mats and a small bowl of cereal pieces (or small erasers, or balls of play dough) and your kids are all set to practice making ten!

This would make a fun and easy math center or independent review for kids who are still struggling with making ten to solve bigger addition problems.

Number Talk Starters:

If your kids don’t need the hands on practice, but you still want to build number sense and review these important skills, you could use these cards as number talk starters.

In Kindergarten: Simply hold up the cards for 2-3 seconds and then ask students how many marshmallows they saw. This will help them build their subitizing skills.

In First Grade: Hold up the cards that have completely blank equations and ask students to come up with an addition equation to match the picture. When students are ready to share their answers, ask “How do you know?” or “What made you choose that equation? How does it match the picture?”

I hope you enjoy these fun make ten mats with your students!

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