{FREE} Multiplication Facts Worksheets for Kids

One of the biggest concerns I hear from parents and teachers alike is, “My kids just don’t know their multiplication facts.” I get it! Learning all the multiplication facts from 1-12 is no small task and if you’re trying to help your child or students learn them, it can feel like banging your head on a brick wall at times. If that’s you, I’d encourage you to begin by building a solid understanding of what multiplication is and what it represents. Then work through the facts in a logical order (not in sequential order). Learn more about how to teach multiplication facts here. Then, once kids have a solid understanding, you can provide additional practice in fun, non-threatening ways like the multiplication facts worksheets and games you’ll find below.

Looking for out of the box multiplication practice? This collection of multiplication facts worksheets includes interactive pages and games that are low-prep for you, but FUN for kids!

Multiplication Facts Worksheets:

Multiplication Equation Search Pages: This set of practice pages is NOT your typical worksheet. Each page includes a set of multiplication facts to solve and then an ‘equation search’ where kids have to find all the multiplication facts, similar to a word search, but for math! This free download includes individual pages for all the facts from 2-12.

Multiplication Facts Coloring Pages: This simple and low prep set of coloring pages will help kids see the connections between the factors of a given number. To complete them, kids color all the multiplication facts that are equal to the given number.

Multiplication Facts Clip Cards: Although these require a little bit of prep, the great thing about this set of practice is that kids can complete them again and again (as opposed to printing more worksheets). To complete them, kids ‘clip’ the answer to the given multiplication expression.

Multiplication Facts as Equal Groups: This set of practice pages is meant to be used along with the book, “2×2=Boo!” by Loreen Leedy, but they don’t have to be. To complete these worksheets, kids draw pictures of equal groups to solve each multiplication expression.

Multiplication Facts Using an Area Model: This set of ‘color the product’ pages helps kids model multiplication facts using area. To complete them, kids color the area on a grid to find the answer to the given multiplication fact.

Tic Tac Math: Multiplication Facts: Another simple way to practice facts is to pair kids up for a rousing game of ‘math tic-tac-toe.’ Easily create your own games focusing on specific multiplication facts, or print out ready to use games by purchasing my set of math facts Tic Tac Math below.

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Multiplication Facts BINGO: This set of printable games is a great way to practice, because it turns practice into a game! This game be played independently and include one page for each set of multiplication facts, and then 3 mixed review practice games.

Roll & Cover Multiplication Games: This set of printable games is similar to the BINGO set above and provides simple, low prep practice as a game. These can be completed independently, or with a partner.

MORE Printable Multiplication Facts Worksheets: If you’re looking for more practice on a particular set of multiplication facts, you can find a variety of printable worksheets from K-5 Learning. These do tend to get a little boring and tedious though, so I’d encourage you to mix it up with some of the games and interactive worksheets above!

How the Multiplication Facts Relate to Division:

One of the reasons learning and knowing multiplication facts is to important is because it helps kids understand division and learn their division facts easily.

If your kids are ready to see the connection between multiplication and division, check out the fun resources below.

Missing Factor BINGO Games: This simple and low-prep set of games will help kids think about multiplication in a different way. This will allow them to think of division as finding the ‘missing factor’ as well.

Number Sentence Roll & Write: This independent challenge will allow kids to write multiplication and division fact families for a given set of numbers. Again, this provides practice with multiplication facts, but also helps them to see how these facts are related to division.

So I hope this gives you some fun ideas to practice those multiplication facts!

And if you need ideas and resources to introduce multiplication in a fun, hands on way, check out my ‘Introduction to Multiplication’ resource collection. This includes engaging lessons to help kids make sense of multiplication, plus ‘learn the facts’ pages to help them work through each set of multiplication facts.

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