Earth Day Math Games for Kids {FREE!}

Looking for a fun, Earth Day-themed math game to provide some easy, low-prep skills practice? This simple set of Earth Day Math Games includes a variety of levels and operations for kids.

Want to include a fun Earth Day celebration with your kids on April 22? Take a break from your typical math routine with a simple and low-prep Earth Day math game. This set of board games requires no prep on your part: just print and play! And with the variety of math skills included, hopefully there’s a game in this download that you can use as part of your Earth Day celebration.

Earth Day Math Games: All Operations

This download includes 8 different printable board games, focusing on math operations with whole numbers. This covers:

  • Addition within 10
  • Addition within 20
  • Subtraction within 10
  • Subtraction within 20
  • Multiplication facts to 10
  • 2-digit by 1-digit multiplication
  • Division facts to 10
  • 2-digit by 1-digit division

Hopefully if you teach grades K-5 there is an option in this pack that will work for you!

Use these games as part of a math center, a partner challenge or with small groups.

You can even differentiate if you have kids who need to work on different skills. The board games all look similar in design, but include varying levels of math problems.

Materials Needed for the Earth Day Board Games:

  • Board game(s) of your choice (link to the download below)
  • Game pieces (this can be from another board game, or use coins, unifix cubes or other small pieces)
  • One die

And that’s it! Once you’ve got a die and some game markers (to move around the game board), you’re all set.

There’s no pieces to assemble, cards to print and cut out or even directions to print! They’re included right on the game board!

How to Play: Earth Day Games

Each game board includes these directions, but the basic idea is very simple:

  1. Roll the die and move your game piece
  2. Solve the problem you land on
  3. If you solve it correctly, stay on that space! If not, go back to your previous space.
  4. The first person to land on “finish” AND solve the problem correctly wins!

I hope this set of games provides a fun activity for Earth Day this year!

If you’re looking for an idea to review fractions, this set of Earth Day Color a Fraction pages might be fun!

If you’re ready to grab this set of games, just click the link below to go to my shop and grab them. 🙂

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