Time For Spring! {FREE Telling Time Practice Worksheets!}

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Are you ready for spring?? I know we are here at our house! To celebrate the coming warm weather and all the blessings of spring, I’ve put together some fun, spring themed worksheets to work on telling time!

I’ve been working on telling time with my daughter, so I created these to work on skills with her and thought you might enjoy them too!

Clock ws1

This set includes a page for telling the correct time to solve a spring-themed riddle, a page to practice correctly drawing the hands on a clock, a matching page as well as a few time story problems (relatively simple).

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I hope this is useful, and gets you excited about Spring!!

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  1. Thanks Bethany. You and your team have created great worksheets and games that cover a variety of areas. Very useful in the classroom and much appreciated. All the best to you.

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