2-3 Digit Multiplication Christmas Scavenger Hunt – 4th Grade

Could your fourth graders use some review of large number multiplication before they head off on Christmas break? This fun 2-3 Digit Multiplication Scavenger Hunt is a great way to get kids moving while reviewing math skills!

Sometimes I have an idea for a math game or activity and I’m so excited only to have it fall flat when I share it with students or my own kids. We’ve all been there, right? But I have to say–setting up a “scavenger hunt” has been approved by kids of all ages! Set up is so simple, but the opportunity to get up and move around combined with “hunting” for the answers just makes this a win. So I hope if your fourth graders could use some extra practice with multiplying multi-digit numbers by one digit numbers this is a great fit! Learn more about the 2-3 digit multiplication Christmas scavenger hunt below and grab your free printable set!

Large Number Multiplication:

Before jumping right into practice with this scavenger hunt, you’ll want to spend some time building a solid foundation and understanding of multiplication.

There are so many great strategies for exploring multiplication, even as numbers get bigger.

I started with base ten blocks with my kids. We would talk about multiplication as equal groups, then use the blocks to model those groups.

For example, 3 x 46 means 3 groups of 46. So we would build 46 out of base ten blocks 3 times.

Then we would count the tens. Then count the ones. Then add to find the total. (Sometimes I also use money to model the problems, using $10 bills and $1 bills).

Eventually, the blocks (or money) are not needed and we can multiply based on place value.

For example, 7 x 320 would be equivalent to (7 x 300)+ (7 x 20) + (7 x 0). We’d work those out and line them up, then add them together.

All these strategies might seem tedious to adults (who can skip right to the formal algorithm and solve it in a few seconds), but it is so important to help kids see and touch and visualize the problem.

Then eventually when you get to the formal algorithm, it will make more sense. They’ll be able to connect it to the process of modeling with base ten blocks and their understanding of place value.

Once they are confident with large number multiplication, you can circle back to it with fun practice and review activities like this one!

2-3 Digit Multiplication Scavenger Hunt Set Up:

This scavenger hunt includes 10 problems for kids to solve. Each problem is a 2 or 3-digit number times a one-digit number.

This makes it a fun review for multiplication in fourth grade, even if you have moved on to 2-digit times 2-digit numbers.

Setting it up is easy and requires just a little prep.

First, print out the problem cards. There are 5 pages with 2 problems on each page.

I recommend printing on card stock paper and laminating for durability so you can use it again and again.

Once they’re printed, cut each page in half so you have all 10 problem cards. Hang the cards all around your room where kids can see and access them. There’s no need to put them in order as kids won’t complete the problems in order. They will move around based on the answer to their problem.

Finally, print a recording page for each student.

Then you’re all set and ready to start!

How to Use the Multi-Digit Multiplication Scavenger Hunt:

To begin, students start at any of the problem cards around the room. If you have a small group, they can work independently, but I recommend letting kids work with a partner.

I also suggest giving kids a clipboard to keep their recording sheet on. This will make it easier to write their work and answers as they walk around the room.

First they solve the problem given on the card. They should show all their thinking and write their final answer on the recording page.

Then they “hunt” for the answer on a different card hung around the room.

For example, the problem shown on card #1 is 126 x 7. The solution is 882, which is on card #9. So they would then move on to card #9 and solve the problem on that card.

Students continue solving problems and making their way around the room until they end up back where they started.

If they miss any of the problems or their solution is not listed on any of the cards they know they have made a mistake and need to go back and check their work somewhere.

And that’s it! A super simple and easy way to get kids moving, working together and practicing essential math skills during the craziness of the holidays.

Ready to try this out with your own students? Just click the link below to grab this free download from my shop!

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