The Lion’s Share: Lessons and Printables!

The Lions Share

I am SO excited to share my newest math story resource with you! If you have not already, please check out the book, The Lion’s Share by Matthew McElligott.

lions share
The Lion’s Share

It is a wonderfully simple and yet math packed story about a lion’s hospitality and an ant’s good manners. Not only will your kids explore exciting math (fractions, patterns and multiplication), they will learn an important lesson about the dangers of pride and one-upsmanship! 😉

Obviously, this is a book about fractions, and the first activity I’ve created is a more formal look at what happens in the story as the animals “half” the cake, and then comparing that to the number of cakes each animal agrees to make.

The Lions Share3In this, however, we also see wonderful patterns, and so I’ve also included a page for students to figure out patterns involving multiplication and division (or multiplying by a fraction), as well as an answer key.

The Lions Share2If you have older students, there is also a hand out and instructions to explore the idea of “halving” something even further by comparing area and perimeter. What happens to the area when you cut a piece of paper in half? What happens to the perimeter? Is that always the case? Interesting questions to get your kids thinking and talking mathematically! Enjoy!

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