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Are your students ready for an introduction to fractions? Food is always such a great motivator when it comes to math, ha! So this Thanksgiving, provide a little extra fraction practice using these Thanksgiving Fractions Puzzles and digital challenges. Using Thanksgiving turkeys and pies, help your kids to see and write fractions as parts of a whole. And when you’re ready, use these visuals to begin comparing, adding and subtracting fractions!

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Printable Thanksgiving Fractions Puzzles:

If you’re meeting in person, or looking for some fun fraction practice for kids to do from home, start with this set of printable Thanksgiving fractions puzzles.

This set includes 12 different puzzles, covering basic fractions such as 1/2, 1/4, 2/3 and 3/4.

To use them, simply print out the puzzle pages, laminate each page (for added durability) and then cut out the different puzzle pieces.

Then  mix up all the puzzle pieces and allow students to match the written fraction with the visual pictures of pumpkin pies.

Note that all the puzzle pieces are the same shape, so these will not be self checking.

You can allow kids to work with a partner to check each other and discuss them, or you can add corresponding numbers to the back of each piece before you print them out.

For example, on the first puzzle, write a 1 on the back of each side of the puzzle.

Then when you cut out all the pieces and students match them up, they can flip over the pieces to see if the numbers match.

Do note though, that some of the puzzles have different pictures for the same fraction. So you may want to use the same number for all the 1/2 representations, for example, that way no matter which pieces students match, they will see that they got it right.

Digital Thanksgiving Fractions for Google Slides:

If you are wanting a paperless option, or are teaching virtually, there’s an option here for you!

This free download also includes a link to 4 interactive Google Slides.

On each slide, there are 3 pictures of pumpkin pie fractions. Then there are drag and drop check marks, so students can drag a check to the written fraction that matches each picture.

Once you make a copy of the slides for yourself, you can assign one slide at a time to your students through Google Classroom, you can assign all of them at once, or you can use these during a virtual class meeting to discuss together.

Making Sense of Fractions:

If you are discussing each picture together, you can extend the problems and help students build fraction sense by asking a follow up question: “How much of the pie has been eaten?

This will help students to see that the two parts of each pie are equal to one whole. For example, if the remaining pie is equal to 1/3, then the amount of pie that has been eaten must be 2/3.

You can also use this to discuss equivalent fractions, since sometimes the picture shows 2/4 slices, but the written fraction is 1/2.

Exploring Fractions with Chocolate Bars:

Looking for more meaningful, hands on fraction practice with food? Chocolate bars make the perfect introduction to a variety of fraction concepts because of the way they are divided.

This collection includes engaging lessons to explore reading & writing fractions, equivalent fractions, comparing fractions & adding & subtracting fractions.

Buy the complete Candy Bar Fraction Set HERE!

FREE Thanksgiving Fractions Resources:

Ready to get started? Use the link below to grab this free set of activities from my shop. And then find more Thanksgiving math fun at the links below!

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