Ultimate Collection of Pumpkin Math Ideas for K-12

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” (Anne of Green Gables, chapter 16). Living in the gorgeous mountains of east Tennessee, I can deeply resonate with Anne’s sentiment. Fall is the most beautiful time of the year here, and I love everything about it. But one of the things I love most (and definitely the thing my kids love most) is pumpkins. The excitement of going to a farm and exploring, picking out the very best one. Discovering the variety in shapes, sizes and colors. It makes my heart happy. 🙂 So of course, you know I’m going to have an idea or two (or ten) for learning math with pumpkins! So whatever the ages of your kids, you are bound to find some fun pumpkin math to explore in this list.

Looking for fun and unique pumpkin math activities this Fall? Look no further-this post is full of pumpkin math ideas from Kindergarten through high school, so there's something for everyone!

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Pumpkin Math for Early Elementary:

This book is so cute and I love this game to go with it! So fun for Fall!

Work on counting to ten, addition and subtraction with this “Runaway pumpkins” printable board game.

Explore estimation, counting and skip counting as you determine how many seeds are in a pumpkin.

After counting your seeds, use them to explore addition and subtraction and fact families along with this set of pumpkin number bond mats.

Increase fact fluency with these pumpkin number bond cut and paste pages.

Help your Kindergartner work on counting and number recognition with these pumpkin counting cards.

Or practice counting with these count and clip cards (includes numerals and number words)

Display numbers with these playdough ten frame counting mats.

Or make a pumpkin number line to work on a variety of skills.

Practice shape recognition with these adorable pumpkin shape matching cards.

Or if you prefer, try this set of pumpkin shape puzzles.

Practice early measurement skills with these pumpkin measuring tools.

Explore shapes and patterns with your own DIY pumpkin geoboard! This looks so fun!

Practice subitizing and counting to ten with this cute pumpkin freebie.

This set of pumpkin task cards will give your kids extra practice with subtraction word problems.

Work on addition with these cute pumpkin addition mats.

And this post includes two cute ten frame pumpkin activities.

Explore measurement and more with this simple, low prep pumpkin investigation.

Combine math and a light table with this cute activity.

Use these pumpkin mazes as a fun roll and cover counting game.

Create an interactive pumpkin number line for working on addition and subtraction.

Plus, check out this post of “cook and learn” ideas with pumpkins.

Have fun exploring all sorts of measurement with pumpkins.

Pumpkin Math for Upper Elementary/Middle:

This Algebra lesson for finding the cost of a pumpkin is a great real life example of linear equations!

Learn and practice multiplication facts with this sets of pumpkin multiplication matching cards.

Practice order of operations and mental math with these fun pumpkin puzzles.

Practice mental math, addition, subtraction, multiplication and more with this game kids are sure to love.

This “roll a pumpkin patch activity” looks like such a fun way to practice addition, subtraction and multiplication.

And this HUGE pumpkin-themed math pack covers math skills for kids ages 4-10.

This pumpkin unit study includes math, science, social studies, language arts and more! All related to pumpkins!

Practice all those multiplication facts with a free set of pumpkin multiplication matching cards for all facts from 2-10 (free for subscribers-sign up here!)

Or create a pumpkin patch array for visual and hands-on multiplication practice.

Work on fractions with this fun combination of math and art with pumpkins.

Pumpkin Math for High School:

This Algebra lesson for finding the cost of a pumpkin is a great real life example of linear equations!

Explore linear equations with this three part lesson: How much does a pumpkin cost?

Practice order of operations with this cute set of pumpkin puzzles.

Or play this pumpkin smash order of operations game.

Practice graphing linear equations to make a fun jack-o-lantern.

Work on quadratic equations with this engaging pumpkin chunkin activity.

Hopefully this huge list has given you lots of ideas and resources for exploring all kinds of math concepts with pumpkins, large and small.

I hope you’ve found at least one fun pumpkin math idea to use with your kids or in your classroom!


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