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One of my favorite math topics to teach is the Pythagorean Theorem. I love how practical it is and how (usually) straightforward it is once you understand what the formula means. This is key though–students must begin by understanding what a, b, and c represent and how they relate to each other. Otherwise, the formula is just meaningless letters and solving problems becomes mere guesswork. I love to introduce it with something concrete such as starburst candies or LEGO bricks.  Then once students feel comfortable, we move onto practice problems with context. This set of digital Pythagorean theorem practice is designed to help you engage your students, even if you are teaching virtually.

Getting Started with Pythagorean Theorem:

Helping students to visualize triangles and make sense of what a, b and c represent is essential. Drawing pictures, building triangles and squaring numbers helps students to connect the formula to the visual.

Even students who think they already ‘know’ the theorem and feel confident they can solve problems would likely benefit from a visual proof of it.

For these students, you might even hand them the materials (again, starburst candies, cheese-its, LEGO bricks, etc.) and ask them to prove that it’s true. This will force them to actually think about what the formula means rather than jumping straight to ‘plugging in the numbers’ and calling it a day.

I think they will be surprised to find they might not be as confident with Pythagorean Theorem as they think they are. 😉

>>>Here’s an idea to help you model and prove Pythagorean Theorem.

DIGITAL Pythagorean Theorem Practice Problems:

Once students understand the theorem, it’s important to give them problems in an actual context. Not only will this make the math they’re doing more meaningful, but it will help them to solidify their understanding.

Simply showing a triangle with a and b given and asking them to find c allows students to rely on rote memorization and procedure without really thinking about what they’re doing.

A real world context requires thinking about the situation and applying the theorem in a meaningful way.

Although I have several sets of practice problems available, I wanted to give you a digital option that you could assign in Google Classroom.

This is useful if you are distance learning and need online activities for your students or just as a paperless option that saves you time and printer ink.

There are 6 Pythagorean Theorem problems in this set, with one problem per slide. Each problem includes a visual, with space for students to label the picture to help them make sense of the situation.

Then there is space for them to type their steps and solution right onto the slide.

There’s also a directions slide included to help students learn how to underline or highlight words, or insert a picture if it’s easier for them to write the solution by hand and then upload a picture of their work.

Overall, I hope this provides a useful resource to challenge your students to not only understand the Pythagorean Theorem but also see math in the world around them.

Math in the Real World: Challenging Word Problems Set

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Many of the problems require multiple steps, pushing kids beyond simply plugging in numbers without thinking. It also includes an answer key for all 30 problems.

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