Digital Order of Operations Puzzles {FREE Download}

Order of operations is one of those math concepts that causes confusion for so many. So even though you may need to provide lots and lots of review and practice, it doesn’t mean it has to be boring worksheets. This set of missing number puzzles will force students to think about order of operations in order to solve the puzzle correctly. And if you’re teaching virtually, or just prefer to go paperless, you’ll love this digital, interactive set of challenges. Find more details of the order of operations puzzles below.

How to Solve the Order of Operations Puzzles:

This set of puzzles is designed for use with Google Slides. This means you can easily assign it in Google Classroom for your students to complete.

If you are meeting virtually, you might want to start by completing puzzle #1 together. This will give you a chance to explain the puzzles to your students and talk through how they might determine the missing number.

Although students might begin by randomly guessing numbers and testing to see if they work, encourage them to ask questions or examine the equation first to see if they can use logical reasoning to determine the missing number.

They can then drag the number tiles to the missing number spaces to complete the equation and make it true. (Be sure your slides are in ‘edit’ mode and not ‘present’ mode).

On each puzzle, there will be exactly one possible solution, and numbers do not repeat. For example, if you use 4 as one of the missing numbers, the other must be something other than 4.

Included in the Free Order of Operations Puzzles Sample:

This pdf download includes a link to a set of Google Slides. There are 5 puzzles included, so you can assign them all to your students at once, or you can just assign one at a time.

When you click the access link, you will be asked to ‘Make a Copy‘ of the resource. Be sure to do that so that you have a copy for yourself that has pieces that move.

You can then rename your copy if you want and assign the slides to your students.

Ideas to Using the Digital Order of Operations Puzzles:

These puzzles can be used in a variety of ways with your students, depending on your needs. Here are some ideas for you:

  • Whole class warm-up or number talk
  • A fun review of order of operations
  • An early finisher challenge
  • A substitute activity
  • A partner or small group activity

Find More Order of Operations Puzzles in the Complete Set!

If you enjoy this resource, you may like the full puzzle collection.

The full set includes 20 different puzzles-10 with exactly one solution and 10 with multiple possible solutions-in both digital and printer-friendly formats. It also includes a complete answer key.

Buy the Missing Number Puzzles: Order of Operation HERE!

I hope this provides a fun and unique challenge for your students! Grab the FREE sample by going to my shop at the link below.

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Need more practice with order or operations? Check out the resources below:

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