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Do your students struggle to make sense of ratios, proportions and percent? Engage them in meaningful, real life math with this free set of ratio & percent tasks.

While tutoring some middle school students during the summer, I wanted to make sure they had a deep understanding of ratios, proportions, unit rate and percent before heading on to high school. These math topics can often be rushed or skipped over or relegated to a mere formula without deep conceptual understanding. To help prevent that, I believe they are best seen in real world contexts, forcing students to think about what they actually mean. To make the tasks a bit more engaging than simple word problems, I formed them into “would you rather…?” type questions.  I hope this set of ratio & percent tasks is useful for your middle school students!

Ratios & Percents in Real Life:

Making sense of the world around us or making decisions in everyday life often involves ratios, unit rate or percent.

When we have two options at the store (regular size or jumbo size), it’s helpful to compare the unit rate costs to see what is the better value.

If we have two different coupons (a dollar amount or a percent), we need to be able to calculate these discounts to see which is the better offer.

This is the basis of this set of “would you rather…?” tasks. Providing students with real world scenarios and forcing them to think about which is the better option using math and logical reasoning.

How to Use the Digital Math Tasks:

These tasks are designed for digital use in Google Slides, meaning you can assign them in Google Classroom.

Each slide includes a “would you rather…?” type of question for students to consider.

Each slide also has a set of questions to help students think about the situation from different vantage points.

They do not necessarily have to answer all of these questions on their slide, but they might use one of them to form their answer.

You can then use these as a springboard for whole class discussions or to lead to other questions or scenarios to consider.

Each slide then has a large space for students to type in their choice and their reasoning for that choice.

Printing the Google Slides Out:

If you would prefer, you can always print the slides out from Google Slides and have your students write the answer in.

To do this, copy the slides into your Google Drive using the link in the download.

Then delete the text box from each slide that says, “Type your answer here!”

Then go to File–>Print to select your print settings.

Complete Set of Would You Rather…? Ratio & Percent Tasks

If you love this idea and would like to incorporate these tasks all year, check out the complete set! This includes 20 different tasks in both digital as well as printer-friendly formats, along with possible answers for each task.

Learn more and grab the set of Would You Rather…? Tasks HERE

If you’re ready to try these out, use the link below to grab the sample task set from my shop! This will provide you with a pdf download that includes the following:

  • Directions and access link to 5 Would You Rather…? tasks for Google Slide
  • Directions for assigning the slides in Google Classroom
  • Teaching tips and ideas for use

I hope this is a fun and meaningful resource for your students!

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