Summer Algebra Review: Solve Equations Practice

Looking for extra practice with solving equations for your pre-algebra or algebra students this summer? This set of silly summer riddles is a great way to get in targeted review of solving 1-step, 2-step and multi-step equations.

One of the biggest skills students learn as they prepare for and take algebra is solving equations. In other words, find the value of a variable that makes the equations true. When students first begin, I often see them solving these problems intuitively, without using algebraic strategies. And while I applaud their number sense, it is important for them to understand the underlying algebra for when problems get harder. Eventually, students will encounter an equation that is too hard to solve in their head or with a simple guess and check strategy. Wherever your students are, I hope these silly summer algebra review pages provide a fun review of solving equations.

Solving Equations Algebraically:

Laying a solid foundation is important for students to actually understand solving equations. I like to start by using hands on manipulatives such as algebra tiles or Hands On Equations.

As students begin to determine the value of the pieces, we talk about the steps they used to determine that. This might include physically subtracting or adding numbers to the board to keep it balanced. Or why we use inverse operations to ‘undo’ steps.

This helps students to see what they’re doing in a logical way, rather than trying to memorize steps that seem non-sensical to them.

Then we focus on equations that can be solved in one-step. Then we move onto two-step equations and so on. Slowly building on a solid foundation will lead to lasting understanding and sense-making.

Summer Algebra Review: Solving Equations Practice

Of course, after laying this foundation, it is important for kids to continue to practice to feel more comfortable and confident solving equations on their own.

That’s where these silly riddle pages come in!

Whether you use these as homework towards the end of the year, as practice during summer school, or as part of a summer algebra review packet to send home with your students, I hope this is useful!

The download includes 3 silly riddle pages. The first includes one-step equations, the second includes two-step equations and the third includes multi-step equations.

The third page includes the variable on both sides of the equal sign, as well as combining like terms. It does not include problems requiring the distributive property.

Of course, the fun of these pages is that they are self-checking. As students solve each equation, they find their solution at the bottom to fill in the answer to a silly summer riddle.

If they don’t see their answer, they know to try again and check their work.

Once they solve each problem, they’ll have the answer to the riddle! These corny, dad-approved jokes are sure to make your middle and high school students roll their eyes, LOL. 😉

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