{FREE} Gingerbread Counting Game | Grades PreK-1st

Practice counting, number recognition, addition & subtraction with this adorable gingerbread counting game for kids!

Looking for a fun and festive math game for December? This Goody Gumdrops Gingerbread Counting game is perfect! Using gumdrops and the print and play game board, kids learn to count to 20, as well as add and subtract small numbers up to 20. This is also a great way for preschoolers to develop the concept of one-to-one correspondence and counting to answer the question “How many?” Plus, the adorable gingerbread house theme is so cute, and can be played with actual gumdrops!

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Prepping the Gingerbread Math Counting Game:

Set up for this game is a piece of cake.

Start by printing the game board of your choice (one has pictures of gumdrops only, while the other includes the numerals for 1-20). For younger kids, I would use the game board that includes the numbers to help them see and recognize the numbers 1-20.

Print the game board on card stock and laminate for durability. You will need a game board for each player.

You will then need to print out a spinner. Again, this is your choice, depending on the age and ability of your students.

The first spinner only includes addition. The second spinner includes addition and subtraction, while the last spinner includes addition and subtraction with slightly larger numbers. You only need to print one spinner.

Again, younger kids can play with only addition, and simply add gumdrops to their game board until they reach 20.

For a greater challenge, older kids can both add and take away from their game board until someone reaches 20.

To assemble the spinner, you can use a brass tack to attach a paperclip, or you can simply use a pencil to hold the paperclip in place (like in the pictures below).

Then supply a pile of gumdrop candies (or pompom balls, or play dough if you prefer), and you’re ready to play!

How to Play Goody Gumdrops: A Gingerbread Counting Game

Playing this game is pretty straight forward. The goal is to be the first player to cover their gingerbread house with exactly 20 gumdrops.

Players take turns spinning the spinner and either adding or subtracting gumdrops from their house.

If a player spins a “take away” option but does not have enough gumdrops on their house to remove, they can spin again.

To win, players must spin the exact number needed to equal 20.

The first player to cover their house with exactly 20 gumdrops is the winner!

Additional Ideas for this Gingerbread Counting Game:

If you are playing with younger kids, be sure to print the game boards with the numbers 1-20 printed on them, and have kids count the numbers as they add gumdrops onto their board.

For example, if they have 6 gumdrops on the board already and spin to add 3 more, they would count on, “7, 8, 9” as they add more gumdrops.

As they get close to 20, ask “How many more do you need to win?” This is a pretty advanced math question for a preschooler, but the visual game board combined with the desire to win the game is sure to spur your little ones on to determine the solution!

If you are playing with older kids, use a blank game board and one of the more advanced spinners that include both addition and subtraction.

Challenge them to keep track of how many gumdrops they have after each turn. For example, if they have 12 and spin to add 4 more, ask, “How many gumdrops do you have now?” and see if they can answer without counting all 16.

Or if they spin to subtract 3, ask, “How many will you have after you take away three? How do you know?”

You can also challenge them with the question, “How many more do you need to win?” This becomes more tricky after each turn because sometimes they will be closer to 20, and sometimes they will be further away.

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