Top Math Resources of 2015!

In case you were unaware, I launched this site in March of 2015. I’ve had so much fun, learned so much and made some amazing friends over the course of the last ten months! As I looked back on the year and thought about what I want to create and share in 2016, I decided to see what the most popular articles and math resources have been so far. Discovering my top math resources of 2015 has helped me come up with a plan for even more and (hopefully) even better resources for educators in 2016!

Find all the best in math teaching tips and FREE math lessons and games from Math Geek Mama in 2015!

*Please Note: This post contains affiliate links that help support the work of this site. Read our full disclosure here.*

If you are new to my site, I hope you will find something you haven’t seen before, and if there’s a game, lesson idea or resource you LOVE that’s not on this list, share in the comments! 🙂

10 Top Math Resources of 2015:

First, I want to share two articles I wrote last year that have been helpful to parents and shared with others. I hope you will find them encouraging and useful as you seek to help your child succeed in math:

1. 5 Things You Should Never Say to the Child Who Struggles with Math:

If math is a constant battle, it can be tempting to say these things to try and get through it, but here I share why certain things are not helpful, and what you can say or do instead to help your kids succeed!

2. Dyscalculia: What It Is and How to Get Your Child the Help They Need

I wrote this together with Sharon Harding of Rediscovered Families in an effort to make parents and educators more aware of this under-diagnosed condition. It was so well received, I have also put together a resource page to find additional help and resources.

The rest of my top posts are FREE math games, lessons and ideas. I hope you find some fun ideas and resources to teach math in a way that is meaningful and FUN!

3. Adding and Subtracting Large Numbers (FREE Printable Game)

This is a simple print and play game that I created during my Summer Math Camp series. All you need are some game pieces are dice!

4. Exploring 3D Shapes Worksheet Set

I have a lot of resources on the site for fun, hands on 3D shape explorations, so I was surprised to find that this set of worksheets has the most views!

For more ideas for 3D shapes, see this round up post: 10+ Ideas for Teaching 3D Shapes

5. 20+ of the BEST Math Card Games

This post continues to see lots of traffic, and is full of lots of fun games to play, organized by math concept. What I love about these games is usually all you need is a deck of cards!

See also: Pyramid-Easy Math Card Game

6. Sir Cumference and All the King’s Tens Lessons and Board Game

In this post I share FREE lessons to use along with the book Sir Cumference and All the King’s Tens to learn and practice place value. Also included is a simple print and play board game!

*And if you love teaching with Sir Cumference, grab this huge lesson bundle which includes lessons and games for the entire book series!*

7. Math Curse Lesson Pack

Another fun and popular math story is the book Math Curse. This is a great way to encourage kids and show them that math is all around us! Get free lessons to use with it here.

8. Brilliant Ideas for Learning with a Hundreds Chart

While many see a hundreds chart as a tool for early math learning, there are actually lots of ways to learn upper level math with a hundreds chart as well! Check out the full post for ideas, as well as a free printable: Hidden Pictures in the Hundreds Chart.

9. Fraction Puzzles

This is one of my favorite resources! This set of printable puzzles helps kids recognize fractions and equivalent fractions.

See also: Expanded Number Puzzles

10. Mental Math Challenges

This activity is a great way to help kids practice their mental math skills. There are lots of different ways to use this, and it even includes a blank copy so you can customize it to meet your needs!

BONUS: Simple Trick to End the Frustration with Subtraction

This post has been incredibly popular, and I think it would have been in the top 10 but I didn’t get it published until the very end of December, so I decided to include it here as well. 🙂

If your child or students struggle with subtracting large numbers, especially when it involves borrowing, definitely check out this post! This one tip can help them better understand subtraction as well as make it easier!

So those are my top math resources of 2015, the first year of this site! I hope you have enjoyed these and other resources, you will share my posts and resources with your friends and colleagues!

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