FREE 2nd-3rd Grade Math Printables

Could you use some fun and engaging math activities and games for kids in grades 2-3? This page hosts dozens of free 2nd-3rd grade math printables and games.

Below you will find an ever growing list of resources. This page is updated often, so be sure to check back as you need additional ideas to engage your students!

Looking for additional grade levels? See all the available free math worksheets and activities on this page.

100th Day of School STEM Activities for K-6 {FREE!}

“2×2=BOO!” Hands-On Multiplication Fun!

{FREE} 3-Digit Addition Challenges | Grades 3-5

{FREE} Baseball Addition: 3-Digit Addition Game

{FREE} 3-Digit Subtraction with Regrouping Game

3D Shapes Activity Pack! {FREE Download!}

Adding and Subtracting Large Numbers: FREE Game!

{FREE} Adding Decimals Worksheets: Multiple Strategies

All About Constellations {Easy Craft and Science Lesson}!

{FREE} All About Pumpkins: Interactive Folder for Kids

Apple Tree About Me! {A Back to School Math Activity}

April Math Problem of the Day Calendar {FREE}

Area & Perimeter Practice for 3rd Grade – Scavenger Hunt Activity {FREE}

August Math Problem of the Day Calendar

{FREE!} Christmas Addition Practice – 1st Grade

Christmas Addition and Subtraction Maze Challenges {FREE}

Christmas Themed Elapsed Time Practice {FREE}

Christmas “Color a Fraction” Pages {FREE}

Christmas Multiplication Challenge {FREE}

Counting Money Puzzles {FREE!}

Fall Favorites: Simple Data Analysis for Kids {FREE}

December Problem of the Day Calendars {FREE}

Disney Math: Recognizing Numbers with Cars!

Simple, Interactive Division Vocabulary Booklet {FREE}

Earth Day Color a Fraction Pack! {FREE}

Earth Day Math Games for Kids {FREE!}

Equal or Not Equal? THAT is the Question!

Adorable Equivalent Fractions Robot Puzzles {FREE}

FREE Esti-Mystery Challenges for Grades K-2 | Math Geek Mama

Place Value Puzzles to Understand Large Numbers {FREE!}

{FREE} Simple Fact Family Games for Kids

Fairy Tale STEM: Literature Based Math and Engineering

Fall Multiplication Games | Low-prep and FREE

February Math Problem of the Day {FREE Printable!}

Low Prep Fraction Coloring Pages with Twinderella {FREE}

Fraction of a Whole Number Visual Worksheets {FREE}

Modeling Fractions & Equivalent Fractions: FREE Puzzles

FREE Apples Equivalent Fractions Matching Game!

FREE Elementary Math Worksheets and Games

{FREE} Gumball Estimation Activity!

FREE Pigs Will Be Pigs Money Lessons!

FREE “Sir Cumference and All the King’s Tens” Activities!

Creating Patterns With Skittles {FREE Printable!}

Fun Multiplication Worksheets that Build Conceptual Understanding

How to Teach Fractions {With Free Game Ideas}

{FREE} January 2019 Math Problem of the Day Calendars

January 2023 Problem of the Day Calendars {FREE}

July Math Problem of the Day Calendar

June Math Problem of the Day Calendar

{FREE} Lemonade Stand Word Problems for Grades 2-4

Let’s Get Cooking! {Math Fun in the Kitchen}

“Make 100” Math Games for 100th Day of School

March Math Problem of the Day Calendar

Math About Me: By the Numbers

May Math Problem of the Day Calendar

Missing Addend with Fractions: Challenges for Google Slides {FREE}

Silver Dollar Diner: FREE Money Math Pack

{FREE} Cupcake Shop: Money Math Problems

Christmas Multiplication Facts Scavenger Hunt – Grades 3-4

{FREE} Multiplication Four in a Row Game to Learn Facts

{FREE} Multiplication Equation Search: Unique Challenge for Kids

{FREE} Multiply by Multiples of 10 Grid Challenges

November Math Problem of the Day Calendar {FREE}

October Problem of the Day Calendar {FREE}

Place Value Pirates: FREE Printable Math Game

Printable Multiplication Games {FREE}

Problem Solving by Drawing a Picture

September Problem of the Day Calendar

I Know My Shapes: FREE Shape Games for Kids

{FREE} Single Digit Division Game for Grades 3-5

Skittles Math: Count and Graph! {FREE Printables!}

“Build a Snowman” Place Value Activity {FREE!}

St. Patrick’s Day Addition Practice – Grades 1-2

{FREE} St. Patrick’s Day Multiplication – Grade 3

STEM Challenge Reflection Pages for Kids {FREE}

{Free} Summer Math Calendars for Grades K-5

Summer Math Camp: All About Money!

Summer Math Camp: Week 1

Summer Math Camp: Multiplication!

Summer Math Camp Week 3: Fractions!

Summer Math Camp Week 5: Time and Elapsed Time

Summer Math Camp Week 6: Measurement!

Summer Math Practice for 3rd-4th Grade

Swim Meet Printable Rounding Game {FREE}

Taking Math Outside: Number Line Race

{FREE} Taco Time: Tally and Bar Graph Practice

Tips for Teaching Math with Sir Cumference

Telling Time Early Math Reader {FREE Printable}

{FREE} Thanksgiving Fractions | Printable + Digital Challenges

{FREE} Problem Solving Challenges based on “The Grapes of Math”

The Lion’s Share: Lessons and Printables!
These fun and low prep learning activities are a great way to extend the learning with the book, "The Warlord's Beads." Teach kids about place value and large numbers and ancient China with this cute math storybook.
The Warlord’s Beads Extension Lessons {FREE Printable}

Time For Spring! {FREE Telling Time Practice Worksheets!}

Want a Unique Tangram Game to Challenge Your Kids?

Disney Math: Using Pattern Blocks to Create Cinderella’s Castle!

Valentine’s Day Tally, Count & Graph: Grades K-2

{FREE} Valentine’s Day Math Puzzles for Kids

{FREE} Track the Weather: Tally, Count & Graph Activity

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