{FREE} All About Pumpkins: Interactive Folder for Kids

Are your kids learning all about pumpkins this fall? Grab this adorable set of printables to create an interactive folder so your kids can learn about pumpkins and refer back to it all fall long.

Ahh fall. The time for cooler weather, changing leaves and all things pumpkin. Fall is my favorite time of the year, and I love picking out the perfect pumpkin with my kids, so of course I’m going to find ways to incorporate math! But along with learning math with pumpkins and pumpkin seeds, it’s the perfect opportunity to combine math with science and reading as you learn about pumpkins, their life cycle and read all the adorable pumpkin picture books. If you’re looking for an easy way to save all that new pumpkin knowledge in one place, look no further. This hands on “All About Pumpkins” project is a great way to kick start your unit on pumpkins!

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Materials Needed for the All About Pumpkins Interactive Folder:

This interactive folder, or lapbook, is super easy to assemble and only requires a few supplies. But once your kids have it put together, they can add to it, refer back to it, and make it their own.

For this hands on pumpkin activity, you will need:

  • A single file folder (such as these)
  • The printable pages (get them in my shop at the link at the end of this post)
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks
  • Markers or colored pencils (optional)

You may also want to stock up on some books about pumpkins so your kids can read more or add to their folder after they assemble it.

Getting Started:

To begin, you’ll want to open the folder and fold each side in halfway so that they meet in the center, as seen below.

Then print out the interactive pieces that will go in your folder.

Note: the first page does not need to be printed. It is to show you the layout of the inside of the folder, so you can see where all the pieces go.

Once your folder is prepped, cut out all the pieces that you will use to assemble the interactive folder.

Lastly, simple glue the different pieces into the inside of the folder!

Be careful as you glue things down, however, so that they maintain their interactive elements.

For example, the pieces on the left flap are meant to be pockets, so you will only glue down three sides, leaving the top open.

They can then add their “pumpkin facts” strips into the “about pumpkins” pocket and can add some dried pumpkin seeds into the seed pocket (if you have any).

Then in the center, you will fold the “life cycle of a pumpkin” in half and glue down the bottom so that it opens. Then you can glue the large pumpkin on the top flap, so it looks like you are opening the pumpkin.

On the right side, students can match the pumpkin vocabulary words with their definitions. I would encourage you to either work together to be sure they have matched the words and definitions correctly, or have students match them first before they glue everything down. That way you can check it before things are glued into the folder.

Lastly, have kids glue the “Parts of a Pumpkin” label to the very top of the folder, above the short blurb about pumpkins.

Then they have a ton of vocabulary words, pumpkin facts and pumpkin life cycle all stored neatly in one place!

Using the All About Pumpkins Interactive Folder:

Once kids have their folders assembled, they can quiz each other on the different parts of a pumpkin, review the pumpkin life cycle or take turns reading the “fun facts” strips with a partner.

You can also combine this with pumpkin seed math activities, allowing kids to store a small handful in their “seed pocket” when they finish.

Math with Pumpkin Seeds:

And of course, you’ll want to read great pumpkin books. Here’s a fun book that you can use to read about pumpkins and practice math with the free printable game: {FREE} Sixteen Runaway Pumpkins Board Game!

However you use this interactive folder, I hope you and your kids have a blast learning all about pumpkins! Be sure to take a trip to a pumpkin patch to complete your study. 🙂

Grab the free printable set at the link below!

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