{FREE!} Christmas Addition Practice – 1st Grade

Want some fun and festive math practice for your first or second grader this holiday? Help Santa pack his sleigh by adding all the presents! Christmas Addition Practice for first grade is a fun activity for learning or review.

What do you do when you reach that point in December when every kid is bouncing off the walls and no one has any interest in learning? Combine purposeful review with fun activities! Building confidence and fluency with addition is essential early on. But achieving that level of confidence and fluency takes time, practice and multiple opportunities. So even if your first or second graders have already learned addition within 20, circling back and providing some additional review will likely be helpful for  most students. And those who have already mastered it? Well print the more challenging addition pages included in this download!

Materials Needed for the Christmas Addition Practice:

This activity is super low prep! To begin, you will want to gather a few materials though.

  • Printed cut and paste pages (link to my shop at the end of the post)
  • Scissors for each student
  • Gluestick for each student
  • Crayons or colored pencils (optional)

Practice Addition Within 20

In the download, you will first find 2 pages of problems to add numbers within 20, Practice A and Practice B. In order to help Santa out, they have to add up all the presents going into his sleigh.

To begin, they can cut out the sleighs at the bottom of the page.

Once they have solved each addition problem, they glue the sleigh in the corresponding box.

Encourage students to use whatever strategies they prefer as they solve the problems. This might include drawing a number line on a white board or scratch paper. Or it might be making ten to add. Or grabbing a pile of blocks (or other manipulative) to model each addend and then count on to add them together.

After students complete their page, discuss different ideas and strategies as a group. Hearing ways other students thought about and tackled each problem will benefit everyone!

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Practice Addition Within 50

If you have students who are ready for a bigger challenge, there are 2 additional cut and paste pages, allowing you to easily differentiate.

Practice C includes addition problems up to 50 without needing to regroup.

Practice D includes addition problems up to 50 which require regrouping.

These pages look the same, and are completed the same way, so you can give students different levels if needed.

Or you can start everyone on Practice A and gradually work through each addition page so they can increase in difficulty and apply their knowledge and strategies for addition to larger and more challenging numbers.

I’ll bet your kids will be surprised and proud of themselves when they get to the most challenging addition problems!

I hope these simple and low-prep Christmas addition practice pages provide a fun and easy way to review in the days leading up to Christmas break. Or save them in your sub folder and let your kids complete them in February! Who’s going to mind?!

Whenever you use them, I hope it helps save you some time and sanity!

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