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Looking for some fun, free and low-prep ways to tackle math concepts in the days leading up to Christmas break? This cut set of Christmas Math Activities for Preschool is a great way to keep little hands busy and learning.

There is no shortage of Christmas math activities for preschool on the internet. While a quick search on Google or Pinterest may pull up pages and pages of results, it might be a little overwhelming. So I hope that this simple, low-prep printable set makes the Christmas season a little less stressful for you! Whether you are a preschool teacher, a homeschool parent or you’re just looking for some meaningful learning activities for your little one during the holiday break, I’ve got you covered. You’ll be able to practice important skills such as “same or different,” line tracing, and counting and recognizing numbers 1-5. Learn more below!

Practice Math While Building Fine Motor Skills:

You will find that the activities included in this printable pack will not only help your little one practice early math skills, but also important fine motor skills.

The finish the pattern page includes a variety of pictures to cut and paste. Even if your kids are too young to cut out each individual picture, they will still get some great fine motor work in as they pick up each picture and glue it to the patterns page.

You’ll also notice that there are more images to cut out than there is space on the page.

This will challenge kids to really pay attention to the patterns and solve them. For example, there are multiple trees to choose from, so on the tree pattern, kids will need to decide which tree comes next.

There is also a line tracing page, allowing kids to practice forming lines in different patterns. Print this page on cardstock paper, then slip it into a page protector. Give kids a dry erase marker and they can trace, erase and re-trace over and over again!

Cheer them on as they get better at following the lines and increase their precision.

Same or Different? Pages

You will also find two different “same and different” challenges. On the first page, kids look at each row of Christmas hats to determine which hat is different.

This is a fun activity to help kids discern differences and build confidence as they correctly find the “odd man out.”

The second page is a bit more challenging.

On the second page, kids look at a row of Christmas trees and they have to find two trees that are the same. Finding two in the same row that are exactly alike takes a bit of concentration!

Christmas Math Center: Numbers 1-5

Lastly, in the download you will find a simple set of printable puzzles. These puzzles require a little bit of prep, but once they are ready kids can play with them again and again all December.

To prep the puzzles, print out the pages on cardstock paper for durability.

Then cut out each puzzle piece to separate them. Each puzzle includes 3 pieces: the numeral, the number word and a picture to represent the number.

This will allow kids to work on learning number words, counting objects to find “how many,” and recognizing the numbers 1-5. They will also build their subitizing skills, as they work to recognize groups of objects without counting them one by one.

These puzzles would make a great center activity. You could even prep multiple sets and keep them separated in ziplock baggies. Then a small group of students could all work on the puzzles at the same time.

Christmas Number Craft:

Another idea is to give each student the pieces of 1 puzzle to correspond with your number of the day. Then give them a piece of construction paper and have them glue down the pieces once they’ve put them together correctly.

Then each day for a week, kids can assemble their number puzzle (in order from 1-5) and glue them onto construction paper. At the end of the week, they will have a whole set of visuals for the numbers 1-5 to take home!

You could even glue them onto half sheets and then staple them together into a booklet at the end of the week.

However you decide to use these Christmas Math activities with your preschooler, I hope it is FUN and I hope it provides meaningful engagement with math over the holiday season.

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