Valentine’s Day Color by Code: Equivalent Fractions & Decimals

Looking for low-prep Valentine’s Day fraction and decimal conversion practice? This FREE coloring page is a calming activity that will challenge kids to recognize equivalent fractions & decimals.

Simplifying fractions and recognizing equivalent fractions & decimals are such important math skills. They lay a foundation that will help students tackle more challenging problems in later grades and also develop students’ fraction sense. So it’s always helpful to provide a little extra review and practice. This Valentine’s Day Equivalent Fractions & Decimals Coloring Page provides a low-prep activity to help you celebrate while practicing key skills. Plus, for students who are ready, there’s an additional challenge included!

Recognize Equivalent Fractions & Decimals:

The Valentine’s Day color-by-code page is pretty straightforward. Students color each space on the mandala based on the decimal code at the top.

The tricky part is that most fractions are not simplified. So not only do students have to convert each fraction to a decimal, they have to simplify the fractions first.

I would begin by giving this to your students and letting them try it on their own.

But if some students are stuck, I recommend writing each decimal in the code as a simplified fraction first. Then as they simplify fractions in the mandala design, they will know which decimal it is equal to.

Create Your Own Equivalent Fraction Mandala:

Also included in this download is a blank mandala page that students can use to create their own design. Again, they will be working with equivalent fractions & decimals, but this takes things a step further because they have to create it themselves.

For students who have a solid understanding of equivalent forms, this allows them to be creative in how they design the colors of the mandala, while also working with equivalent fractions or decimals.

If your students haven’t worked on converting fractions to decimals yet, you might use this blank page as a way to work on just equivalent fractions.

Convert Fractions to Decimals Board Game:

If you want more practice with converting fractions and decimals, you might like this print and play board game, also perfect for Valentine’s Day!

This would make a fun math center game or small group activity.

Learn more about the Valentine’s Day Convert Fractions to Decimals Game HERE.

Ready to Grab the Mandala Coloring Page Set?

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